Managing Inventory While Away

Discogs Sellers: Managing Your Discogs Inventory While You’re On Vacation

It’s summer! That means many of you are probably thinking about how you’ll spend your holiday time or where you’ll be vacationing. If you’re a seller in the Discogs Marketplace, there are a few quick steps to take before going on vacation that’ll help you and your potential buyers.

Temporarily expiring your Discogs inventory

This is a quick and easy way to “close” your marketplace while you’re away, ensuring there are no items for sale while you’re not actively managing your Discogs inventory or unable to ship. When you’re back home and managing your sales once again, simply reactivate the expired inventory. Your inventory will be immediately remarked for sale.

How to expire your Discogs inventory

  1. On your Discogs Inventory page, scroll down to the With Entire Inventory section. Click Show Actions
  2. In the Status section, click Expire All For Sale Items. This will remove your For Sale listings while keeping the data intact. Draft and Sold listings won’t be affected.
  3. Click Run Bulk Actions button. All items that were previously marked For Sale will now be showing Expired

To reactive your Discogs inventory

When you’re ready to relist your items for sale, repeat the above steps, this time selecting Relist All Expired Items. You’re open for business again!

More detail

Watch the video tutorial How to Expire Your Discogs Inventory or refer to our Manage Your Discogs Inventory Help Document for more detailed instructions on how to complete this process. Spending the few minutes it takes to do this will ensure that you can spend your time away from the marketplace worry-free. If you have any questions about this process or need assistance, reach us by Support Ticket.

We hope you have a great summer and look forward to seeing you back on Discogs after you’ve had a nice break in the sun!

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  • Jun 3,2016 at 6:17 am

    Happy to see my old post is still useful :)

  • Jun 24,2015 at 10:11 am

    [u=ROBDOLPHIN66] While it does sound like an OOO response could potentially be helpful to some, there are also other things to consider regarding it (eg. Can it be abused? Should the timeframe be limited? How are SNRs impacted? etc). This is why the initial idea of messaging buyers before leaving could come in handy anyway for the time being.

    Regarding how “demand” is measured, there’s no set definition for this but it can be seen as a combination of the community requesting this through the forums or SRs then Discogs staff determining the priority given the work we’re already doing/planning.

    I hope this helps! If you’d like to continue the conversation, it would probably be helpful to submit a Support Request about this matter so that additional details/ideas can be discussed.


  • Jun 24,2015 at 1:35 am

    Thank you for your response [u=rappcats].

    My understanding of the responses in that thread are that [u=Diognes_The_Fox] initially suggested that sellers message all buyers with orders where there is no feedback / confirmation of receipt. That seems like spam / overkill because a message is only required if a buyer actually contacts the seller.
    I guess that he realises this and then says that the OOO would be useful.

    Obvious problems with forum search, but I know that there are at least 3 recent threads requesting this kind of feature.
    Out of interest, how do / would you measure “demand”? Would this be forum based / SR based or both?

  • Jun 24,2015 at 1:10 am

    [u=ROBDOLPHIN66] I believe [u=Diognes_The_Fox]’s post explains our position here — . If there were significant demand from the community for that option, it may be a possible addition in the future though!

    [u=ShadowEgo] You’re welcome! This does not impact the original listing date, when the inventory is reactivated the listing date will remain the same.


  • Jun 17,2015 at 1:07 pm

    great, thanks !
    just wondering, does this affect the original “listing” date?

  • Jun 15,2015 at 3:09 am

    Any chance of an out of office reply for pre-existing orders?

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