Managing Orders as a Seller: Order Status

Welcome new sellers to Discogs, and existing sellers looking for a friendly review!

Today I’ll be discussing the order status and invoicing processes with the intention of setting a good foundation for successful orders. Ultimately, we want the order process to be easy and clear for all parties involved.

Let’s begin. So, you’ve received your first order. How do you proceed? Well, the order status is marked as “New Order”. Now is the time to contact the buyer directly on the order page to let them know that you’ve received their order and to clarify any extra details such as shipping, payment processes, and other pertinent information. Be sure to change the order status to Buyer Contacted after this initial contact with the buyer is made.

Emails can and often do get lost in spam filters, and the order page is all we have to verify conversation if necessary. Keeping all communication between buyers and sellers on the order page could be of the utmost importance later on, especially if you find yourself in need of our assistance.

Your next step will to create an invoice. This is done by setting the shipping price and clicking on the button labeled “Set Shipping Price and Invoice Buyer”.

The buyer will then receive this type of message in their personal email and Discogs Inbox:

The buyer can only pay directly on the order page if the seller has a verified PayPal email associated with their account seller settings. With other payment methods, this message would just be a printed invoice, without the Pay Now button.

Once the invoice is sent, be sure to update the status to read “Invoice Sent” and continue to update the order status accurately as the order progresses.

Buyers will be expecting the status to change to Payment Received once the seller can confirm that they have received the payment, so make sure this is done promptly. The same goes for Shipped when the seller has shipped. Sharing any shipping details in the conversation on the order page, such as when the items were sent, the shipping service, tracking numbers, etc. is also highly encouraged and considered excellent customer service.

Hooray! You’ve done your part and have set a fantastic example of superb communication and customer relations, thus setting the buyer up for success as well.

As a seller, it is in your best interests to make yourself intimately familiar with these helpful links:

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Now you should have all the information you need to create a solid foundation for your orders.

Happy selling!

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