Managing Orders as a Seller: Shipping Policies Part 1

Welcome to Setting Up Your Shipping Policies, Part 1!

Many of you will already know this but for those that were unaware, according to our Seller’s Agreement a seller’s shipping methods, rates and policies must be disclosed up-front through your seller profile. Your shipping policies can be set up on your Sell Music settings page in the box represented below:

Make sure to hit the “Save Information” button located at the bottom of the Sell Music settings page page if you want to have your changes saved.

Now that you’ve got your shipping terms all sorted, your information will be available for all to see. This is one location where your shipping terms will show up:

By clicking on the link, you will see something like this pop up:

To find the other location your shipping terms will automatically show up, click here on an item you have for sale:

Voilà! Your information will be available for view at the bottom of the item’s detail page:

We do have an automated shipping feature that will be discussed in a future blog post: Managing Orders as a Seller: Shipping Policies Part 2.

Please note that ensuring items reach their destination is the responsibility of the seller. A good method of avoiding “lost item” issues is to strongly encourage or even enforce a tracked/insured/registered shipping service.

Until next time, happy selling!

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  • Mar 9,2013 at 11:44

    greetings! Is it possible as a seller living in the u.k. to block buyers from other countries? It’s nothing personal but I find working out the postage for sending to countries abroad a real headache!

  • Mar 5,2013 at 06:03

    “Seller’s Code” link is dead

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