Meet André Martins of Hauz of Wax Before Crate Diggers Amsterdam

On Sunday, October 21st, the second edition of Crate Diggers Amsterdam will take place during Amsterdam Dance Event’s ADE Hangover at NDSM Wharf, Amsterdam.

In anticipation, we’ve been highlighting some of the fantastic vendors that will be selling at our booth. André Martins opened Hauz of Wax a little over a year ago with a focus on electronic music. Since then he has expanded the scope of his store to include DJ lessons and events throughout Tilburg.

Be sure to say hello to André and the Crate Diggers team when you stop by!

What is your role, and can you give us a bit of background on yourself?

Hello, My name is André Martins, I’m 35 years old and I was born in the city of Porto. Ten years ago I moved to The Netherlands to follow my dream of doing something with music. Since then I have been busy with many projects and I can say that it worked for the most! Organizing events, playing at parties and a producer course at SAE Amsterdam are some of the things that I’ve accomplished. At this moment I also have a record store where I sell vinyl and give DJ lessons.

Can you tell us a bit about your store and its history?

Hauz of Wax store opened one year ago in the city of Tilburg, The Netherlands. We are located near the central station at Bank15. We are specialized in electronic music. From second-hand to new records, DJ lessons and events thru out the city to promote the concept. We are also busy with our webshop and selling online via Discogs.

What was your inspiration for opening a record store?

The passion for vinyl and some concepts like Yoyaku and Clone where the inspiration to start a shop like this.

Does your shop have a specialty? What sets your store apart from others?

The store is mainly focused on dance music and we also give DJ lessons. The looks are raw, industrial and modern. Something different from the traditional record stores in our opinion.

What do you enjoy most about running your shop?

The contact with many kinds of music and knowledge about artists, labels etc. The new connections with people with the same interests and passion for music.

Do you have any favorite or memorable moments in the shop thus far?

We had till now some nice in-store sessions where DJs were playing and customers could experience the shop in another way.

What does your personal collection look like?

All kind of styles. From Ambient to Industrial, passing thru House, Disco, Techno. At this moment focusing on Electro, Breakbeat and Drum and Bass. Quite a lot of variety is important for me!

Do you use Discogs? If so, what features do you use?

I use Discogs to buy, sell and check out information about artists, labels etc.

What can we expect to find at your table at Crate Diggers?

I expect good vibes, enough people to cheer up the event and if possible to sell some records!

Is there anything you’ll be digging for at Crate Diggers yourself?

It always nice to check out what others are doing, so yes I will be looking around for some goodies.

Anything else you’d like us to know?

Just wanted to thank you guys for this opportunity to be part of this event. Looking forward to being there and have a great day!

Website | Facebook |  Vinylhub | Instagram

Address: Spoorlaan 350, 5038 CC Tilburg, Netherland

Be sure to catch Crate Diggers Amsterdam as part of ADE Hangover on October 21st, 2018 at NDSM-Wharf! The epic FREE event begins with a record fair at 12:00, featuring 30+ vendors and local DJs spinning all day!

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