Fira del Discs record fair to be held at L'estacio del Nord

Meet The Organizer Behind Barcelona’s Fira del Disc Record Fair

This weekend we’re heading to sunny Barcelona, Spain for Fira del Disc record fair. This is the 23rd edition of Fira del Disc and they’re still going strong after all these years, bringing together a mix of international vendors specializing in various genres and formats.

Ahead of the event, we caught up with Fira del Disc organizer, Juan Carlos Vilella Socias to learn a bit more about the event and his own record collection.

What sets Fira Del Disc record fair apart from other events?
I would undoubtedly say that it’s longevity and the loyalty of our audience. This is our 23rd edition and that’s rather unusual in the field of record fairs. This longevity can only be compared to the Automobile Fair in our country. Year after year, we keep receiving new visitors while still seeing many visitors that have been with us since our first editions. It’s a very loyal audience and in this record fair, you can feel the good vibes all around. People love everything related to music in physical formats.

What kind of sellers do you get participating in Fira del Disc?
Every year we count on a big number of sellers from all around the country, and also a good number of international stands from countries such as the USA, Canada, Germany, Italy and more remarkably France, which is a very well represented country in our fair.

Which type of music would you say is most popular in Barcelona right now?
Regarding record sales, there are two genres that always do the best, those being Hard Rock/Heavy Metal and Classic Rock (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, The Doors, etc). There are many big collectors covering those music genres. As a clear example of this trend, we have to think that even though Jimi Hendrix died almost five decades ago, he’s still one of the best selling artists.

Is there a big demand for vinyl records in Spain?
Sales keep rising year after year, but we have to always keep in mind that the CD format still has many followers and for our fair it’s also a very important format.

Are there many record fairs or events for record collectors in Barcelona?
Apart from Fira del Disc, occasionally on some national or local holiday you can find some street stands selling records, but those are just a few, that’s why the expectations for our fair are always so high.

What does your record collection look like?
Most of my record collection is based over my brother’s collection containing a lot of English and American first editions, including a lot of records by The Beatles.

Any record you would like to find over the weekend?
There’s always a record by The Beatles out there waiting for me! And hopefully this weekend won’t be the exception.

Fira de Disc record fair in Barcelona promo poster

Find more info about Fira del Disc here, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re in Barcelona, be sure to stop by!

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