Midnight Magic’s Tiffany Roth’s Top 10 All-Time Favorite Releases

Discogs is proud to once again team up with Mobile Mondays! to present a special Live edition of NYC’s premier all-45s weekly DJ showcase! The May 15th, 2017 event downstairs at The Bowery Electric will feature Midnight Magic, as well as another special guest act to be announced soon! Stay tuned to the event page for further details!


Midnight Magic is a cosmic Disco ensemble with a desire to make you, the listener, and the rhythm, become one. Anchored by New York City underground dance music vets Morgan Wiley and W. Andrew Raposo, and powered by vocal temptress Tiffany Roth, the band’s size matches their larger than life sound, ranging anywhere from four to nine people. Their latest full-length, Free From Your Spell on Soul Clap Records, was released in November 2016.

In anticipation of the upcoming special edition of Mobile Mondays!, Tiffany Roth of Midnight Magic gives us a look into her top 10 all-time favorite releases:

Midnight Magic's Top 10: Yukihiro Takahashi ‎– Neuromantic

1. Yukihiro Takahashi ‎– Neuromantic

This whole LP is a journey, but my favorite anthems this past winter have been “Something In The Air” and “Drip Dry Eyes.” Cinematic and truly imaginative.

Midnight Magic's Top 10: The Stranglers ‎– Strange Little Girl

2. The Stranglers ‎– Strange Little Girl

This song is perfect to me. I cannot seem to get sick of it. They have soooo many wonderful songs, but this one may be my favorite by them. Highly recommend the accompanying video!

Top 10 all-time favorite releases Bernard Szajner ‎– Some Deaths Take Forever

3. Bernard Szajner ‎– Some Deaths Take Forever

This LP is one that I keep coming back to. Uncategorizable and totally unique. It’s haunting. Fun fact: Bernard Szajzner invented the Laser Harp, which was made famous by the use of Jean-Michel Jarre!

Midnight Magic's Top 10: Fancy ‎– Come Inside

4. Fancy ‎– Come Inside

Not much to say about this, but it’s just a good ass dance song!

Midnight Magic's Top 10: Patrizia Pellegrino ‎– Beng!!! / Automaticamore

5. Patrizia Pellegrino ‎– Beng!!! / Automaticamore

My good friend & DJ Beppe Savoni gave me this coveted 7″ & I am OBSESSED with the B-side “Automaticamore”! It’s such a sultry, sexy, moody Italo jam. You will fall in love when you hear this.

Midnight Magic's Top 10: Pollyester ‎– Catrina (Remixes)

6. Pollyester ‎– Catrina (Remixes)

This is one of my favorite bands. The LP became an instant classic to me after my first listen. “Catrina” is one of MANY favorites on the album. You will become a convert, mark my words.

Top 10 all-time favorite releases: Harry Manfredini ‎– Theme From Friday The 13th Part 3

7. Harry Manfredini ‎– Theme From Friday The 13th Part 3

I’m a shameless horror film and Soundtrack nerd, so I was pretty shocked I hadn’t heard this funky ass theme before!! If the theme song doesn’t make you want to shake that ass, you’ve been lobotomized unbeknownst to you. The movie is also one of my favorite Friday the 13th’s. While you’re at it, check out all the amazing re-presses Waxwork Records are putting out.

Midnight Magic's Top 10: Japan ‎– Life In Tokyo

8. Japan ‎– Life In Tokyo

Japan is slept on in my humble opinion. They have so much incredible work. This gem produced by Moroder is just one of many songs I adore by them.

Top 10 all-time favorite releases: Sylvester ‎– Stars

9. Sylvester ‎– Stars

This album is wonderful, but then you come across the track “Need Somebody To Love Tonight” and everything in the world melts away and you forget everything except for the fact that you are listening to one of the best songs ever recorded. No big deal.

Midnight Magic's Top 10: Sparks ‎– No. 1 In Heaven

10. Sparks ‎– No. 1 In Heaven

One of the most prolific and talented set of bro bands out there. It’s hard to choose a favorite LP of theirs, but this one produced by Moroder in ’79 is up there. Their humor and talent are unparalleled.

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