Malcolm Young of AC/DC playing guitar

R.I.P. Malcolm Young: The Most Collected AC/DC Albums

It doesn’t matter if you’re only into techno. It doesn’t matter if reggae and two-tone are the only two genres you listen to. It doesn’t matter if you have a Radiohead tattoo in your left arm. It just doesn’t matter; you know who AC/DC are. And at least one of their songs probably had an impact on your life at some point.

This weekend, we acknowledged the very sad news that Malcolm Young, original guitarist and founder of the band, lost his battle with dementia and passed away. He was 64 years-old. His legacy within the history of music is vast and millions of fans around the world received the inevitable news with great sadness.

At Discogs, we want to pay homage to one of the biggest rockstars ever by sharing the records that you, the fans, have collected the most over the years. Wherever he is right now, we know he’ll keep rocking forever. We salute you, Malcolm.

These Are The 10 Most Collected AC/DC Albums Across The Discogs Community:

Top 10 most collected AC/DC albums on Discogs: AC/DC Powerage

8. Powerage

Revisit AC/DC’s complete discography and pay tribute to Malcolm Young by spinning your favorite AC/DC album!

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