2020 end of year report most collected list

50 Most-Collected New Releases and Reissues of 2020

Toilet paper wasn’t the only thing we were hoarding in 2020. The Discogs Community collected quite a few new releases and reissues throughout the year.

This ranking is determined by how many Discogs users added the 2020 release to their Collection throughout the year. It’s important to note that all of these releases are on vinyl. Our monthly editions of the most popular new drops are by Master Release, which includes every version (vinyl, cassette, CD, reissue, etc.) of the album or EP. The list below is by Release, meaning the format is often the difference between each version. Since our Community is largely made up of record collectors, vinyl was the only format to crack the 2020 wrap-up.

Beneath each title, we’ve included contextual information about the release. For example, if it’s a reissue, we’ve included the LP’s original release date. We’ve also noted other defining details, such as whether it’s a brand-new drop, special color variant, or 180-gram vinyl.

You’ll notice repeats of certain titles — that’s because folks were collecting different versions of the same album or EP. Tame Impala’s The Slow Rush (which we declared the best album of 2020 based on how many Discogs users wanted and collected the title) appears multiple times for different color variants.

Run the Jewels 4 and Idles’ Ultra Mono are the only other two brand-new albums to make it into the top 10. All of the other records are reissues. Sometimes the best new music is old music.

When you take a closer look at all of the reissues on this list, you’ll see an obvious overlap between the Discogs Community and Vinyl Me, Please, the membership-based record club. The non-VMP reissues are mostly anniversary editions. However, the vinyl at the No. 1 spot — Tom Petty’s Wildflowers & All The Rest — is a kingly, three-LP compilation that includes a remaster of the original albums in addition to unreleased recordings and alternate versions.

Do you love music data? So do we. For a comprehensive analysis of Discogs record sales, format submissions, popular albums, expensive items, and more, check our 2020 End-of-Year Report.

Most Collected New Releases & Reissues

New Release, 180 Gram, White/Green Splatter

Box Set, Limited Edition

Repress, Limited Edition, Record Store Day, Red Translucent

New Release, Club Edition, 180 Gram, Aubergine

New Release, 180 Gram

New Release

New Release, Red Opaque

New Release, 180 Gram

Reissue (2000)

New Release, Blue Stormy

Reissue (2000)

New Release (Pink Translucent Neon)

New Release, LImited Edition 180 Gram, Red and Blue w/ Gold Splodge

New Release, 10″, Orange Transparent

New Release, Pink Translucent

Reissue (1990)

New Release

New Release, Clear

Reissue (1999)

Compilation, Record Store Day

Reissue (1993), 180 Gram

Limited Edition, Record Store Day

Reissue (2006)

Reissue (1981)

Reissue (2001), Record Store Day

Limited Edition (first time on vinyl), Record Store Day

Reissue (2000)

New Release, Limited Edition

Reissue (2019), Record Store Day

New Release, 180 Gram, Red and Blue

New Release, Deluxe Edition, Neon Translucent Magenta and Gold Metallic

Reissues (2002)

New Release, Forest Green

New Release, Vortex White/Black Swirl

New Release, Neon Translucent Magenta

Reissue (2000)

Reissue (1980)

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