Most Expensive Items Sold at Discogs Marketplace in July 2016

While most of the time I’m the “let’s destroy capitalism” kind of guy, sometimes it’s fun to take a stroll around Discogs and see what actually money can do for music lovers. And hey, if you got to spend your family’s fortune this is a good way to go. Here we present you the most expensive records sold in July 2016 at Discogs.

July is not the month of the year where people would be out-of-control collecting records. You know, maybe it’s more that month of the year when people go to the beach, hiking, or if you are lucky enough to be in the most progressive European countries, be naked in public. But don’t take me too serious, in July 2016 we still had some rather expensive records sold in our marketplace.

Our number 1 record – the one that killed it this month – is Phafner’s ‘Overdrive’ that made it to a new loving owner for $5500.00. There are only 50 copies in the world of this Psychedelic Rock record. Right when we thought America just won, well, everything at Rio Olympics it turns out they also made it to win our particular competition. Well done.

The second best-selling record of the month went to Morio Agata (in Japanese あがた森魚), a Japanese folk-rock singer-songwriter who also directed three films. He released his very first record back in 1970 with only 100 copies and one of those has been sold for $2973.00. Again, don’t take me too serious, but as far as I’ve heard this sounds like the Japanese Bob Dylan.

Bronze medal goes to The Remo Rau Quartet for their record ‘An Evening At The Cafe Africana‘, a jazz record from Switzerland released in 1961 that travelled to his new owner for $2018.00.

In the rest of the Top 5, we can find Carmen Maki, Blues Creation self-titled record for $1975.00, and Horace Parlan’s ‘Us Three’ jazz record for $1850.00.

Overviewing the rest of the list, we can find at number 6 the beloved-by-everyone Pet Shop Boys record ‘Yes’ (just in case you were wondering, there is another one for sale for $8057.70) that made it to the impressive amount of $1764.00 and The Beatles made it to number 9 and number 12 with ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ and ‘The Beatles (The White Album)’ for $1700.00 and $1380.00 respectively. Other records I cannot take my eyes off are the mispelled first single ever released by Syd Barratt (bka Syd Barrett) ‘Octopus / Golden Hair’ at number 14 for $1322.00, a punk single hilariously named ‘Picked Off The Litter!’ by John Vomit and The Leatherscabs at number 16 for $1300.00, the U2 single ‘With or Without You’ is slightly more famous, the one that made it to number 21 was released in Spain and went for $1117.00.

As I write this article, I cannot shake the idea off my head that we are starting again right after the summer another year of record collecting where probably we will be seeing how extremely rare, obscure records are traded. In case you want to see the full July 2016 list:

See the full list here.

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