Most expensive items sold in Discogs Marketplace for January 2015

As Discogs started off the new year, the marketplace remained consistent with its highest dollar sales covering all types of genres including jazz, metal, rock, classical, punk, funk, and others! There were a few familiar faces on the list, but mostly there were some fresh entries commanding impressive prices. Number one this month is from The Invaders with an album called “Spacing Out“. This Bermudan pressing from 1970 has been subsequently repressed, but this rare original left the marketplace proving that buyers require the first press, no matter the cost. Number two is from V.P.s, an obscure Texas punk group which released this one lone 7″ in the late 70’s. Having been in our top 30 list a few months back, Beuys / Christiansen make yet another appearance with Schottische Symphonie / Requiem Of Art. Burzum 12″ “Aske” comes in at number 4, while the inexplicably rare LP “Independence: Tread On Sure Ground” from Masayuki Takayanagi And New Directions pops up at number five. This improvisational jazz release has only ever seen the light of day in Japan, and only two people report owning this record in our database.

Rounding out the rest of the list are classic funk releases from Dena Barnes, a rare Australian 7″ pressing of Anarchy In The UK from the Sex Pistols, and a prog rock release from Tomorrow’s Gift. As always, box sets make their appearances as well, with the Melvins, Ryan Adams, Rolling Stones, and The Beatles all representing in this format. Perhaps most eye-opening is our 16th entry, a rare US promo CD on WTG Records from Eighth Wonder featuring Patsy Kensit. A Pet Shop Boys track, this shows that Discogs users aren’t all about the vinyl, and that CD’s still live on!

Check below for the rest of the Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold list from January 2015!

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