Most expensive items sold in Discogs Marketplace for March 2015

This month’s Top 30 sets an impressive record in more ways than one, and shows that our community will stop at nothing to find those rare and wanted gems they desire! At number one this month is an odd US release from 1989 from Judge called “Chung King Can Suck It“. You’ll just have to read the notes on this release to fully understand the rarity, but it appears only around 100 copies were ever pressed. Our crack team of numbers experts crunched the data, and we can confirm that, not only is this the highest value item to ever sell in the marketplace, but it is the highest single order to have been created! Congrats to the seller and the buyer for this order as we are positive much joy has been achieved on both sides! Our past record holder was MistafiedEquidity Funk” which sold for a paltry 5 grand in comparison back in March of 2011. The number two spot, which easily could have been number one most other months, is a rare UK test press misprint of the first Damned album. Number three is a super rare Sub Pop repress of Nirvana’s first album “Bleach“. An obscure Japanese release from the early 70’s commands the number four spot called “Eve” from Speed, Glue, & Shinki. A classic disco record from the mid-80’s takes up the five spot with “Hooked On Your Love” from Gina. All in all, the top five sold items for March easily represents the highest total dollar amount in the history of the marketplace!

Can the top 30 list ever have a month without Ryan Adams? The answer is no, as number six goes to the live box set that pops up each and every month! The same Damned album materializes at number 11, except with a slightly different misprint version. Bathory makes a repeat appearance at number 13 proving that our top 30 list perhaps has a tiny bit of influence over users and their buying habits. The classic “Melody AM” from Royksopp is at number 16 with a very rare and numbered, hand-sprayed sleeve. Nirvana emerges yet again at number 25 with a withdrawn German CD single, as Big Black and their “Bulldozer” EP appear with their “full metal jacket” sleeve.

Check below for the rest of the Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold list from March 2015!

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