Most expensive items sold in Discogs Marketplace for November 2014

7″ singles prove to be a highly collectible pursuit in the most expensive items sold list for November 2014. Coming in at the number one spot, however, is an especially rare US double vinyl test pressing from the Jungle Brothers called “Done By The Forces Of Nature (Instrumentals)“. While the standard version sells for affordable prices, this instrumental version is extra scarce, not only for it being a rare test pressing, but also being the one and only time the instrumentals were released on any format. Eloy is the second highest seller with their self-titled first album from 1971. Check out the photos of its funky “lid” cover! A German 7″ from Five Torquays is the third highest of the month while a rare US 7″ from Creations Unlimited is the fourth. This Creations Unlimited 7″ was released on the Soul Kitchen label out of Cleveland, Ohio, and each release on this label sells for handsome sums. Coming in at the five spot is a massive 24 CD set from Dead Can Dance, compiling each and every one of their European gigs from 2005, and limited to only 100 copies.
Several more 7″ singles are scattered throughout the list covering all types of genres, including “Coming On The Scene” from Johnny & The Attractions, “Wait For Me” by Brown Bombers & Soul Partners, “Fat Fish/You’re Gonna Lose” by The Viceroys & The Octaves, “Mats Gustafsson Plays Harald Hult” by Mats Gustafsson, and “T.M.T. (Teef Man Tune)” by Roots Eruption among others. Even Nirvana‘s repress of Bleach in 1992 on Sub Pop had a 7″ included inside. As always, prog rock represents with a 1971 UK release from Spring coming in at number 27, and the complete vinyl LP box set from Oasis at number 22 is proving that nary a month goes by without this release making it on to the list!
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