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Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold on Discogs in May 2022

The May 2022 most expensive list has arrived and it includes some essential punk releases, psychedelic rarities, and a hard-to-find CD maxi-single.

Rare punk records start with a rare blue-green vinyl pressing of 7 Seconds’ The Crew. According to the Database, the pressing size is somewhere between 250 and 300 copies. An original pressing of Crow’s Last Chaos and a French promo copy of the Ramones’ You’re Gonna Kill That Girl single also established May as a memorable month for collectible punk.

Two copies of the one and only Skryvania LP made the list and for good reason. This rare album has not been reissued on vinyl since its release in 1978. The sole release from Brazil’s Persona is also included here, despite being reissued fairly recently. This incredibly unique release features a 10-inch record and a game box that includes a mirror, two candles, and wooden bases to hold the mirror. With provided instructions, you can play the “Game Of Mutations” and listen to the experimental sounds of Persona.

Since the most expensive list is usually full of vinyl releases, it’s always exciting to see another format crack the top 30. In May 2022, that format was a CD maxi-single released by Michael Jackson. Known as one of the rarest Michael Jackson releases, this single was canceled at the last minute and most of the pressing was destroyed. Only a few copies survived, so when one surfaces, collectors don’t shy away from paying high prices for this rare piece of history.

7 Seconds - The Crew album cover

No. 30. 7 Seconds – The Crew (1984)

Sold for: $2,000.00

Lee Morgan - City Lights album cover

No. 30. Lee Morgan – City Lights (1958)

Sold for: $2,000.00

Crow - Last Chaos album cover

No. 27. Crow – Last Chaos (1987)

Sold for: $2,031.25

Piero Umiliani - Playtime album cover

No. 27. Piero Umiliani – Playtime (1968)

Sold for: $2,031.25

Santana - Abraxas album cover

No. 25. Santana – Abraxas (2016)

Sold for: $2,078.12

The Beatles - Let It Be album cover

No. 23. The Beatles – Let It Be (1970)

Sold for: $2,083.28

Louis Smith - Smithville album cover

No. 21. Louis Smith – Smithville (1958)

Sold for: $2,125.00

The Weeknd - Trilogy album cover

No. 20. The Weeknd – Trilogy (2013)

Sold for: $2,291.67

Skryvania - Skryvania album cover

No. 19. Skryvania – Skryvania (1978)

Sold for: $2,394.79

Skryvania - Skryvania album cover

No. 17. Skryvania – Skryvania (1978)

Sold for: $2,552.08

Persona - Som album cover

No. 15. Persona – Som (1975)

Sold for: $2,604.17

Michael Jackson - Smile album cover

No. 11. Michael Jackson – Smile (1998)

Sold for: $2,864.58

Lady Jane - Here I Am Baby album cover

No. 5. Lady Jane – Here I Am Baby (N/A)

Sold for: $5,000.00

Enesco - Plays Bach Sonatas album cover

No. 4. Enesco – Plays Bach Sonatas (1950)

Sold for: $6,770.83

The Can - Monster Movie album cover

No. 2. The Can – Monster Movie (1969)

Sold for: $13,360.00

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