The Most Expensive Record Store Day Releases of All Time

Record Store Day 2020 is just around the corner, so we’re taking the time to look at the RSDs of days past. The limited-edition nature of this annual event — broken up into three different drops for this year — creates an aftermarket of seismic proportions. The following ranking explores the most expensive Record Store Day releases of all time (or at least, since 2008 when RSD began).

This list is determined by the median sale value on Discogs. This means that you might find a copy for more — or less! — in the Marketplace. If you do spot one with a higher price tag, that could be an indication that the album will appreciate in value.

Obviously, the popularity of the album or artist will cause the resale value to increase. Usually, the original price tags are on par for the format or number of releases, but the latter is what tends to influence price over time.

For example, take a closer look at that album sitting at No. 1. There are supposed to be six copies in existence, only four of which have been claimed. The Boards of Canada 12-inch was dropped on RSD 2013 purely as a promotional stunt. The actual record contains mostly dead space, a really short clip of music, and someone reading the numbers “936557” aloud. Is it the most rapturous song to come from the electronic duo? Not by a long shot. But its scarcity has ensured a top spot in this ranking (and the band eventually released a full-length later that year).

Another example is The Shuttered Room movie soundtrack, which was first developed in 1967 (the film is also known as Blood Island). Apparently, there are only 29 copies in existence and a test pressing was raffled off by Trunk Records.

Most of the other expensive RSD releases don’t even come close to breaking the $1,000 mark, but the median sale values are still impressive. These weighty price tags are the cause of many collectors’ ire towards Record Store Day, which was created as a celebration of the vinyl community but has spawned a resale market that emphasizes exclusivity over quality.

That being said, Discogs sees some big-ticket items with big-ticket price tags roll through the Marketplace every month (nine “normal” albums sold for more than the most expensive RSD release in June 2020 alone).

We expect this ranking to change as newer releases begin circulating more or interest in the items waxes and wanes. For comparison, that Boards of Canda 12-inch was still No. 1 in 2019, but we saw quite a few RSD albums go up in price in just one year. Additionally, you won’t see some of the records from the 2019 list make it the 2020 ranking.

The following list includes box sets as well as RSD Black Friday drops. We’ve rounded every median sale price up to the nearest dollar amount. If you see an exceptionally pricey RSD release missing below, let us know in the comments! We love learning more about the info floating around in the Database.

And if you’re looking for more information about Record Store Day 2020, you can track all of our coverage and the releases on Discogs here.

rsd hank williams

20. Hank Williams – Straight To Hell (2011)

Median sale price: $243
Label: Bruc Records
Format: 2 x LP

rsd tim timebomb

19. Tim Timebomb ‎– Tim Timebomb And Friends (2014)

Median sale price: $244
Label: Pirates Press Records, Hellcat Records
Format: 3 x LP

rsd melvins

18. The Melvins ‎– A Senile Animal (2010)

Median sale price: $245
Label: Hydra Head Records ‎
Format: Box set

rsd phish

15. Phish ‎– New Year’s Eve 1995 Live at Madison Square Garden (2015)

Median sale price: $300
Label: Jemp Records
Format: Box set

rsd lcd soundsystem

15. LCD Soundsystem ‎– The Long Goodbye: LCD Soundsystem Live At Madison Square Garden (2014)

Median sale price: $300
Label: Warner Bros. Records, DFA, Parlophone
Format: Box set

rsd radical face

15. Radical Face ‎– The Family Tree (2016)

Median sale price: $300
Label: Nettwerk
Format: Box set

rsd crb

14. The Chris Robinson Band ‎– Betty’s S.F. Blends, Volume One (2013)

Median sale price: $325
Label: Silver Arrow
Format: 4 x LP

rsd cure

13. The Cure ‎– Friday I’m In Love (2012)

Median sale price: $329
Label: Fiction Records
Format: Secret 7″ Series

rsd deftones

12. The Deftones ‎– The Vinyl Collection (2011)

Median sale price: $350
Label: Reprise Records
Format: Box set

rsd death grips

11. Death Grips ‎– Government Plates (2014)

Median sale price: $350
Label: Harvest, Third Worlds
Format: LP

rsd la luz

10. La Luz ‎– Live! At Sonic Boom Records 10/15/13 (2016)

Median sale price: $375
Label: Analog Ghost Recordings
Format: Lathe cut 7-inch

rsd basil kirchin

9. Basil Kirchin ‎– The Shuttered Room (2012)

Median sale price: $395
Label: Trunk Records
Format: LP

rsd lorde

8. Lorde ‎– Team (2014)

Median sale price: $402
Label: Universal Music New Zealand
Format: Secret 7″ Series

rsd captain murphy

7. Captain Murphy ‎– Duality (2013)

Median sale price: $420
Label: Roam International
Format: 2 x LP

rsd dave matthews box

6. Dave Matthews Band ‎– DMB Live Trax Volume 1 (2013)

Median sale price: $495
Label: Bama Rags Records
Format: Box set

rsd frank ocean

5. Frank Ocean ‎– Blond (2016)

Median sale price: $525
Label: XL Recordings
Format: 2 x LP
Editor’s note: This was technically released on RSD Black Friday in 2016 but on Frank Ocean’s site. It is not an official RSD release but serves as an example of how exclusivity influences resale price, so we’re leaving it in this list for comparison.

rsd cake

4. Cake ‎– Vinyl Box Set (2014)

Median sale price: $750
Label: Upbeat Records
Format: Box set

rsd type o negative

3. Type O Negative ‎– None More Negative (2011)

Median sale price: $800
Label: Roadrunner Records
Format: Box set

rsd paul mccartney

2. Paul McCartney – Sweet Thrash (2015)

Median sale price: $986
Label: Self-released
Format: LP

rsd boards of canada

1. Boards Of Canada ‎– —— / —— / —— / XXXXXX / —— / —— (2013)

Median sale price: $2,400
Label: Warp Records
Format: 12-inch

Editor’s note: This article has been updated to reflect a change in price for the Dave Matthews Band item, therefore a change in the ranking. We added a note to the Frank Ocean release.

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