most popular albums july 2020

The Most Popular Albums on Discogs in July 2020

We’re back with another list of juicy Discogs data tidbits. Our monthly ranking of the most popular albums is determined by how many people added the record to their collection on Discogs in July. To be included on this list, the album must have been dropped in 2020 with a physical format, which excludes some recent greats, such as the new record from Run the Jewels.

There are a lot of repeats from the June edition, but the hottest 2020 release on Discogs so far, Tame Impala’s The Slow Rush, was not as popular in July. Brand-new drops from last month include That’s How Rumors Get Started by Margo Price, On Sunset by Paul Weller, and Monsters by The Midnight, to name a few. The well-received Fiona Apple album, Fetch the Bolt Cutters, was technically released in April but the physical album didn’t come out until the summer, which is probably why we see it at No. 1 for the pop genre.

There is one oddity on the roundup. While reissues won’t typically qualify (or even rank high enough to make it in the top 10), we have Depeche Mode’s Violator box set of 12-inch singles because it’s such a unique release and, quite frankly, a ton of people copped it.

What are we listening to? The new singles from Penrose, which you will see on the funk and soul list. Penrose is an imprint from Daptone that focuses on “souldies” sounds, mostly from Southern California. Check it out.






Funk and Soul

Folk, World, and Country

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