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The Most Popular Albums on Discogs in October 2020

From the final drop of Record Store Day 2020 to a host of new record drops, October has been a fun month for music fans. Our regular roundup of the most popular albums is determined by how many Discogs users added it to their Collection during the month. To be included on each genre-specific list, the album must have been released in 2020 in a physical format (meaning vinyl, CD, or cassette, so it won’t take into consideration digital streams).

As mentioned previously, Record Store Day wrapped this month so we are seeing a lot of RSD exclusives from the September and October events. We anticipate even more in November (which will also host a special RSD Black Friday affair).

Repeat records continue to include hits from Thundercat, Khruangbin, Phoebe Bridgers, Fiona Apple, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and The Weeknd. Most notable is Mac Miller’s posthumous Circles, which has been consistently ranking high on the hip-hop list since we started tracking the most popular albums on Discogs back in June.

What are we listening to? This interesting (and super short) release from Slingbaum, which is backed by some massive star power: D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, Damon Albarn, and Ahmad Jamal, just to name a few. Pitchfork has a really great breakdown of the mysterious Slingbaum and how he pulled together such a great cast of characters.






Funk and Soul

Folk, World, and Country

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