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The Most Popular New Albums on Discogs in May 2021

Our regular roundup of the most popular new albums is determined by how many Discogs users added the release to their Collections throughout each month. To be featured on the genre-specific lists, the album must have been released in 2021 in a physical format (like vinyl, CD, or cassette), so it won’t take into consideration digital streams.

This month’s trends were comparable to the rest of 2021 in that many up-and-coming artists continue to have the runway to release new music as larger artists plan for the return of live music venues and touring. And knowing the Discogs community’s eclectic tastes, there’s a lot to discover across all genres.

What are we listening to? Gary Numan’s Intruder has been a good industrial spin. This new album is a companion piece to Numan’s last album, 2017 release Savage: Songs From A Broken World, and it’s a post-apocalyptic warning about climate change. 

Speaking of climate change, topping the rock charts are French metallers Gojira with their new album Fortitude. Debuting at No. 1 on Billboard‘s Top Album Sales chart, Fortitude continues Gojira’s career-long tradition of using their music as a vehicle for environmental activism and catalyzing listeners to take action with songs like “Amazonia” and “The Chant.”

If you are interested in the big names, Lana Del Ray, Weezer, The Black Keys, and Taylor Swift are charting with 2021 releases from earlier this year.




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