Most Wanted & Collected Books of 2018 & Database Trends

Bookogs is still our biggest database, at just under 75,000 books cataloged. We started out the year at just over 39,000 and were hoping to double in 2018. We didn’t quite make it, but (at time of publishing) we’re fairly close at 73,456 – and there’s still a bit of time to get those numbers up.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed or made edits to Bookogs. We appreciate you making 2018 a great year for the Bookogs database.

What’s new on Bookogs this year:

  • This year on Bookogs saw the introduction of Works pages, to group together all editions of a literary work
  • The improved submission form makes adding a book to the database a breeze, as well as autosave in case you accidentally click out or close the window
  • Filtering and sorting on browse pages to narrow down the database on your interests
  • Better searching – get more info in the search bar dropdown, including images, so you click through to the right item
  • More granular settings so you have more choice over how you interact with Bookogs
  • More artists and credits linked between the Discogs and Bookogs databases

Most Cataloged Languages in Bookogs

English makes up for under half of the books in the database, with Russian in second at just under 10,000 books. At the mid-year point it looked like Danish and Finnish were taking off, but those have both been nudged out of the top 10 most contributed language books by Hungarian, Dutch and Italian.

We’ve also had a lot of Arabic book additions this year – over 500. This seems to be largely down to one contributor. It’s great to see how one person can really have an effect on the data.

Most Cataloged Authors

Stephen King remains untouched as the most cataloged author on Bookogs when it comes to books with 446 versions of the author’s books in the database. However, when it comes to works, Agatha Christie wins with 254, Ray Bradbury is just behind with 242, and King with 211.

Cataloged Book Genres

As a spin-off database of Discogs, it’s not really surprising that a lot of our contributors and collectors and music-mad. Although, while music was the most cataloged genre on Bookogs at the mid-year point, fiction has pulled ahead since then, with 8400 titles vs. music’s 7800. But if you take a look below at our most collected and most wanted books of 2018, music books are still a clear winner.

Only one of the Most Collected books isn’t a music book or magazine – Chuck Palahniuk sneaks in the top 10 with ‘Fight Club’. Meanwhile, all of the Most Wanted books are music books – no other genre even gets a look in.

Judging by the Most Collected and Most Wanted books, it’s clear our community shares an affinity for punk, post punk and rock ‘n’ roll. Although we see a desire to branch out a little, with the books on Brazilian psych records and rap records make their way into the most wanted lists.

Most Collected Books of 2018:

Most Wanted Books of 2018:

All the items on this list are almost exactly the same as at the mid-year point. The order has changed slightly, V. Vale’s Industrial Culture Handbook is out, and 45 Revolutions in in. But don’t feel too bad for Vale, he’s the only author with two books in the most collected list.

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