Staff Picks: Songs For Mother’s Day

Who runs the world? Moms do. As a loving tribute to the moms who raised the music nerds that we have all somehow become, the staff at Discogs decided to share songs that remind them of their mothers. It’s quite an eclectic list, one that skips the expected cliches, instead opting to include no less than two tracks from Bat Out of Hell. Yeah, we know, pretty sweet. This is also as good a time as ever to drop a note about Discogs Tracks, a relatively new feature (one that’s still in beta, so go easy) on the site. It uses Discogs data to connect a song to every release it can be found on. You’ll find that I linked all songs to their respective Tracks page, so have some fun in there and leave us feedback on how you think we can improve it. The Tracks section of the site is currently accessible on the website only, through Artist pages. Hope you enjoy!

Listen to our Staff Picks for Mother’s Day

Staff Picks for Mother’s Day

Harry Chapin ‎– Short Stories album cover

Harry ChapinMr. Tanner

My mom is a huge Harry Chapin fan. She used to blast Short Stories on the weekends and I remember being so moved by the intensity and tenderness in his storytelling. He was such a force and I think about my mom every time I have the pleasure of listening to his music.
Bailey, Integrated Marketing Manager

Teresa Tang Greatest Hits album cover

Teresa TengThe Moon Represents My Heart

My mom used to play this song all the time when I was a kid. We were living in Austin, TX at the time and my mom would drive up to way to Houston to find the Taiwanese singer’s CDs. Both of my parents are from Mainland China, where her music is especially popular. I’m increasingly fascinated by Teng’s story, the more I delve into it. She was a polyglot who sang in Mandarin, Taiwanese, Cantonese, Japanese, Indonesian and English. She ended up cultivating a huge following across Southeast Asia! As a kid, I wasn’t really partial to Teresa Teng’s music, but nowadays I definitely can appreciate its significance, not to mention that it makes me a bit nostalgic, too. Anyways, happy Mother’s Day!
– Aaron, Community Success Coordinator

The Beatles ‎– Magical Mystery Tour album cover

The BeatlesYour Mother Should Know

My mom pretty much only listens to the Beatles and a handful of other 60s/70s rock bands. It’s a tradition in our house (usually over the holidays) that I get out the acoustic and we sing this and other Beatles songs together. Hi mom!
– Jon, Senior Systems Engineer

Meat Loaf ‎– Bat Out Of Hell album cover

Meat LoafParadise by the Dashboard Light

This could also be ‘Bat out of Hell’ I guess, but they don’t play that as much on the radio… With every Meat Loaf song, the volume would be turned all the way up and mom would be singing along from behind the wheel. In the meantime, me and my brother would try to blend in with the back seat. Thanks mom!
– Yoram, Community Success Coordinator

Danzig- Danzig album cover


Is my mom a Danzig fan? No, but she knows all the lyrics to this song. Why? Because I blast it everytime she visits.
– Tasha, Community Success Manager

Meat Loaf ‎– Bat Out Of Hell album cover

Meat LoafBat Out of Hell

Yoram and I have the same parents? This could also be Paradise by the Dashboard light. My mom had this album on vinyl and played it often.
– Stacey, Software Engineer

Beach Boys - Pet Sounds album cover

The Beach BoysGod Only Knows

It’s my mum’s favourite song ever. Last year, we went to see Brian Wilson play in Utrecht. It was the first time we saw him play live and a very special moment when he played God Only Knows. I felt so lucky to be able to share that with her.
– Lilian, Community Marketing Regional Lead

Ghostface Killah - Ironman album cover

Ghostface Killah, Mary J. BligeAll That I Got Is You

While I’m 110% sure my mom doesn’t know who Ghostface Killah is, this song always reminds me of the hard work she did to keep a roof over our heads despite serious poverty and mental/emotional obstacles. It’s almost unbelievable looking back that we were never homeless. Ghostface Killah brings me back, remembering all the good she did, and “I’m so thankful I made it through”.
– Nicole, Product Owner

Simon & Garfunkel ‎– Parsley, Sage, Rosemary And Thyme album cover

Simon & GarfunkelScarborough Fair / Canticle

Mom loved this album and often played it on weekends. I remember being enchanted by this song and by her on those slow weekend days.
Steven, Search Engine Marketer

Doctor Hook album cover

Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowSylvia’s Mother

God, I hate Dr Hook, but I sure love my mum and she bloody loves them. And she’s a Sylvia, so, figures. You could hear this blasting from our house from down the road on Saturday mornings. While I firmly believe this song sucks, I kinda love it because it reminds me of my mum.
– Jess, Community Marketer with Metaogs

Beyonce - 4 album cover

Françoise HardyTous les garçons et les filles

My mom rarely listens to music (yeah, I know, that’s… somewhat unbelievable?), and one of the few memories I have of her around music is her happily singing and humming along this song when I was a kid. So here’s to you, mom!
– Coumba, Community Success Coordinator

Beyonce 4 album cover

BeyonceRun the World (Girls)

One of my mom’s dreams is to be a backup dancer for Beyonce.
– Randi, Office Administrator

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