Music From Childhood: The Point!

There are albums from my childhood that I will treasure for all of time. I don’t know about you, but I find I have an instant appreciation for those who have listened to and loved the same albums from yesteryears as I have. The Point! by Harry Nilsson is one of those albums for me.

On a side note, it was also made into a cartoon narrated by Ringo Starr. Watching The Point! in cartoon form is highly recommended and can be fun for the whole family!

For those who don’t know, The Point is a musical fable, telling the story of a boy named Oblio who was born with a rounded head. This was unusual considering everyone else in the town was born with a pointed noggin. There was a strict law in the land of Point which stated that everything within the land must have a point. Due to this unfair circumstance, Oblio was banished to the pointless forest. As a law abiding citizen of Point, Oblio accepted his fate and set off on his journey with the company of his best friend and pet dog, Arrow.

I won’t tell you any more about the story, ’cause I’m not a fan of spoilers. I find it better to experience this musical fable first hand.

The songs on this album are brilliant, as pretty much all Harry Nilsson songs are. They are an awesome combination of silliness and thought provoking content. As an example, here’s one of my favorites songs on The Point! called “Think About Your Troubles”:

Another fun fact, many of you may be familiar with Blackalicious’s song “Blazing Arrow” released in 2002:

Here’s the song from the The Point! that Blackalicious sampled from:

I love it when musical genres collide and are sprinkled with nostalgia!

What are your favorite albums of your childhood? Have they come back to tickle your eardrums in sample form via some newer releases? Please share with us your childhood musical goodies!

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  • May 16,2013 at 05:24

    I love The Point, and speaking of Hebrew, my copy happens to be an Israeli pressing with some Hebrew on the jacket!

  • May 9,2013 at 20:36

    My older brother used to play The Point to me and I loved it – ‘Me & My Arrow’ still pops into my head every now & then even today. My local record shop has a copy and I am sorely tempted . . . .

  • May 3,2013 at 00:37

    My mum introduced me to The Point when I was very young and I still love it today :). She said there was also a stage version of it which was very good! Anyone know anything about that?

  • Apr 28,2013 at 10:37
  • Apr 27,2013 at 20:21

    A few months back Brent (Diognes_The_Fox) on Discogs asked me for some help with a release that’s in Hebrew, including all the text on the sleeve and label. It turned out to be an EP by Ilan & Ilanit from 1968 or so. One of the songs was an international hit for them, B’shana Haba’a (Hebrew for “Next Year”) and is really well known. In addition to filling in the Hebrew I decided to find some YouTube videos to match the song.

    The video I found for B’shana Haba’a was from an old TV broadcast where they perform it for a group of children ranging from toddlers to pre-teens. I watched it and started crying. I had seen that as a child in Netanya, Israel and I remembered seeing it on TV at the time. I remembered it vividly even though 45 years or so have passed. I asked my mother if this was possible and she said yes, definitely. Here was a lost piece of my childhood suddenly found.

    Needless to say I sent a thank you note to Brent. I also bought an Ilanit compilation CD which includes that song, though the version is slightly different. I’ll be adding it to the database soon. I’ve since located an Ilan & Ilanit compilation CD that, I’m told, has exactly that version where they both sing. It also mostly has songs that aren’t on the compilation I have or on their first album (which I also have on CD) so it will be part of my next order of Israeli music.

    This video can still make me tear up. It’s from a very special part of my childhood, one of the really happy times in my life, in a place that I still love.

  • Apr 26,2013 at 18:23
  • Apr 26,2013 at 18:21

    also the first tune i ever had in my grasp was incredible by m-beat and general levy at the tender age of 8!! still my favorite piece of music today!!!

  • Apr 26,2013 at 18:20

    “great moments of vinyl history”, andy kershaw compilation…

  • Apr 25,2013 at 17:32

    first record I ever bought-

  • Apr 25,2013 at 14:38

    “The Point” is a very odd album. Anybody in their right mind – so, not Nilsson at this point – would’ve said that it possibly needed some more, er, work. The songs are largely throwaway confections (and that includes “Me And My Arrow”, probably the song most-central to the entire project) and even adding the super-laidback storytelling-links barely allows it to add up to reasonable album-length. And there are also rather more holes in the plot than in an average series of ’24’.

    But you’ll have to prise my well-worn copy of the LP (gatefold, with booklet) from my cold, dead hand.

  • Apr 25,2013 at 07:15

    Misplaced Childhood ;) is one that I always go back to and look upon fondly. I can remember saving my school dinner money to get it!

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