Crate Diggers PDX Vendor Spotlight: Musique Plastique

This will be Luke Buser’s third year selling vinyl at Crate Diggers PDX.  Luke has been joining us since the very first Crate Diggers in 2014.  This year, Luke will be representing his new Portland record store: Musique Plastique. We chatted with Luke Buser and Tony Remple, who co-owns Musique Plastique, about collecting vinyl, their shop, and Crate Diggers. 

Musique Plastique store counter

You joined us for the very first Crate Diggers three years ago, what keeps you coming back?

Luke: Records. Records. Records!”

What piqued your interest in collecting vinyl?

Luke:I started collecting in the early 90’s. Records sound better, you get bigger and better cover art to look at and some stuff just isn’t available on other formats.”

Tony: Growing up in the 1980s and 90s, vinyl was just one way to consume and collect music. By the late 1990s I’d decided, by my contrarian nature, to prioritize buying vinyl as it was the least popular (but still available) format. It was also often cheaper to buy an album on vinyl rather than CD, so that didn’t hurt either.”

Musique Plastique

What’s in your personal record collection?

Luke: “I collect a lot of different genres. I tend to lean toward the avant-garde end of things… I mostly look for 70’s/80’s electronic, avant-garde, krautrock, experimental, etc… pretty much anything obscure or interesting.”

Tony: “Whatever is turning my ear at any time, really. I keep very few records in my “collection” (comparative to most record collectors I know anyway) so it tends to be both a rotation of interesting things that are new to me (like anything currently out by Music From Memory), and some tried and true favorites that I’d have a difficult time reacquiring (like the Tony Conrad & Faust LP). Most tend to have synthesizer somewhere in the instrumentation though, ha!”

Tell me a little about how you got into the music business and about opening Musique Plastique?

Luke: “I worked at a few shops in Portland over the years. Everyday Music, Djangos and Music Millennium. I also sold a lot on my own and on consignment at Crossroads.  Tony, my business partner/friend and I opened the shop one year ago. We carry a little bit of everything. Our shop is small, so we are pretty particular about the titles and quality. We mostly deal with used records (always buying, btw!), but we also have a bit of new titles as well.”

Tony: “After working in shops for a number of years, and watching the popularity of vinyl increase, it finally seemed viable to open a boutique shop amongst all the other excellent boutique record shops in Portland. And Luke was an obvious choice for a business partner, since we’d been collaborating on buying records together and had already formed the Musique Plastique label and radio show (Concentric Circles, Tuesdays 10-11 on Xray FM).”

Musique Plastique window

Tell me a little about the Musique Plastique label?

Luke: “We released the Visible Cloaks LP last year. We have a couple things in the works now.”

Tony: “We have some releases in the works, but for the sake of not jinxing anything I’ll keep my mouth shut for the time being. But keep your peepers peeled, there’s some great things on the way!”

Does Musique Plastique plan to press any upcoming releases at Cascade Record Pressing?

Tony: “I was very excited to see a new pressing plant open up anywhere, but especially in Oregon. We will absolutely be looking into using them for our next release(s).” 


Musique Plastique

If you aren’t in the Portland area, you can check out Musique-Plastique on Discogs. 

For those of you in Portland, be sure to check out Music Plastique on Alberta, or stop by their booth at Crate Diggers PDX on the 27th of August!  They will have a “deep trove of treasures for music lovers of all distinctions” and their “tasteful curation of music expands across all eras of the recorded sound.”

Musique Plastique: / Discogs / VinylHub
Social Media: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram
Focus: Modern & Classic Rock, Electronic
Address: 1627 NE Alberta St #5, Portland, Oregon 97211,  USA
Phone: (503) 282-0236

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