New API Documentation

Hello, all!

Today, we are rolling out a new documentation system for our API.

Our previous documentation tool had a few limitations and drawbacks, mostly in terms of structuring examples of endpoint request/responses without creating very long pages, navigation difficulty, and the compilation process was more involved than necessary. Our new system allows for providing numerous HTTP request and response examples without cluttering the page (they are hidden by default and can be toggled to hide/unhide them), is easier to update for us developers (dynamically generated, written in markdown, etc.), looks much better and is easier to navigate, and is based on API Blueprint so the documentation source can be migrated easily if necessary in the future.

In addition to the changed documentation tool, we have added content to the docs based on questions, requests, and common issues we saw in the API Forum. Specifically, we have added an FAQ section, a guide to using OAuth with Discogs, a quickstart guide with an updated list of Discogs libraries and examples to use as reference in a variety of languages (let me know if you have libraries or working examples in a language we have missed!), and a few useful links that weren’t documented before.

You can now view the new documentation at

We hope this helps out with making it easier to work with and find information regarding the API.

Rodney |

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