New Discogs Office in 2013

We will be moving into a new office next year around March/April. This will be the third “official” office of Discogs, and will give us much more room for our growing staff.

It’s a newer building and this particular space has never been occupied, so it’s a raw shell right now with concrete floors and open ceilings. This gives us the opportunity to design a space that will work well for us: a mostly open layout with a few small meeting rooms, kitchen, and lounge area. It’s a great location for us too as it’s on a mass transit line, with a fitness club downstairs.

Our whole team is really excited about this and can’t wait to move in next year!

Here’s a 360 video I took earlier showing the whole space. Our’s will be about 2/3 of what you can see. Construction begins soon, and we’ll post some more pictures as things progress.

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