New Editors added

Three new editors were added yesterday – [u=elexxii], [u=delysid], and [u=mjb]

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  • Jan 20,2007 at 16:26

    Well deserved to all!

  • Jan 20,2007 at 14:28

    editors have ‘bigger power’ :)
    On SOME updates, they can vote 100% with their single vote…
    But, the most important thing – they are the ONLY people on Discogs who are allowed in approving/disapproving updates in Editors queue (merging, deleting, renaming, ANVing, etc, etc…) :)

    anyway, congratulations guys!!
    just keep up the good work! ;)

  • Jan 20,2007 at 10:34

    What’s the difference between a moderator and an editor (and how many are there)?

  • Jan 20,2007 at 10:00

    germany rules!

  • Jan 20,2007 at 08:59

    I’ve only come across elexxii and delysid, and I think both have done an exceptional job as moderators when I’ve been involved some way or another. Congratulations!

  • Jan 20,2007 at 06:31

    Congrats guys!

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