New feature – Submission Complaint Procedure

We introduced a new procedure yesterday that enables any user to report a submission (and the moderation and comments involved in that submission) as being incorrect. You will see this link at the [b]bottom right of the submission history detail page[/b] for the submission. This procedure is available for up to 31 days after the final moderation on the submission.

The purpose of this procedure is to allow us to ‘meta moderate’ submissions, moderations, and comments. This will allow submitters or other users to point out possible errors in judgement from moderators, submitters, or users who add comments, and for us to try to resolve such issues in an efficient and fair manner, without having to resort to forum posts (which usually don’t resolve much anyway, potentially involve conflict, and which all parties involved in the submission do not necessarily see).

The overriding goal is to help point out errors or misapplied rules, and alert all involved in the submission to these. Hopefully, this will let us ensure the guidelines are being applied and followed in a consistent manner, as well as giving submitters an outlet if they feel they have been wrongly moderated.

I hope everyone finds positive benefit in this new system. If you use it, please be sure you have a valid complaint, and please give full, detailed, and clear notes regarding the error. If you receive a complaint against you, please do not take it personally, simply review your application of the guidelines for future cases.

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  • Nov 18,2015 at 22:28

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  • Oct 27,2015 at 02:33

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  • Apr 24,2007 at 01:10

    [quote=nik]Hey maxxyme – feel free to resubmit![/quote]
    Ow… OK, thanks! :)

  • nik
    Apr 23,2007 at 07:01

    Hey maxxyme – feel free to resubmit!

  • Apr 23,2007 at 06:57

    today, I received a positive submission complain resolution (thanks [u=nik]) regarding what could be considered as a not valid update.

    but what am I supposed to do now?
    make another update to bring back original information, quoting that positive resolution?
    or wait further deal of my complain – like update invalidation, but is it handled like that?
    I don’t really know… :-o

  • nik
    Mar 6,2007 at 04:26

    Hey mizukagami – that’s fine, that’s what I thought had happened, no problem!

  • Mar 5,2007 at 14:39

    Ok, nik.

    I get this submission complaint from [u=volum] because he disliked the fact that I No-voted his submission.
    My suggestion to move single credits to their corresponding tracks is not why I No-voted. I No-voted because there were several errors in his submission which were pointed out by other mods and had not been resolved. After a week of no responce, 2 No-votes got his attention and he fixed the erros.

  • nik
    Feb 28,2007 at 05:52

    [quote=fleshmeatdoll]i recently received a mail, because i commented on a submission
    that someone complained about.
    i am no mod, and what i suggested was not what the complaint was about.

    why do i receive this e-mail?
    i have no part in the decision-making process. [/quote]

    If the complaint is upheld, then EVERYONE gets emailed who was commenting on the submission. The reasoning behind this is to make sure everyone knows what was going on.

    If your advice in the submission was correct, then this should just reinforce your confidence in your own judgement on that particular rule or whatever.

    I may reword the email again so this is clear. There is no desire to bother people with this, but at the same time I would prefer that everyone sees what has happened.

    [quote=doctor_trance]We need to extend the 31 day thing, as sometimes, you find huge errors after that time is up: [/quote]

    Well, the 31 days is arbutrairy, but it is there to stop us getting flooded with complaints from a year ago, involving rules and even users that are no longer current. I hear what you are saying, but I would really prefer to keep the time limit as the number of complaints to deal with every day is enough as is :-)

  • Feb 25,2007 at 08:34

    We need to extend the 31 day thing, as sometimes, you find huge errors after that time is up:

    Also, your issue with wanting to get the complaints off the forum boards would not apply, as we just have to go there (as you can see) if it’s past the 31 days.

  • Feb 19,2007 at 22:09

    i recently received a mail, because i commented on a submission
    that someone complained about.
    i am no mod, and what i suggested was not what the complaint was about.

    why do i receive this e-mail?
    i have no part in the decision-making process.

  • nik
    Feb 19,2007 at 12:45

    Thanks for the feedback Jooles.

    I am indeed thinking of doing a (third) revision of the text, as I do want this to be as clear and helpful as possible.

    I did think about the post-complaint discussion thing, for example, we could have a forum with posts that are automatically made for each complaint, and the URL of the post given in the complaint email. I have indeed started forum posts and put the URL in the email (see the mod forum ‘Festival’ label discussion).

    However, there is also the desire to try to make this the ‘final word’ for a given case – that is, hopefully to resolve it finally, and not drag things through more forum discussion.

    I have found it useful to me directly, as I can really spot where a guideline needs reworded (or whatever).

    It is me that is processing these complaints ATM. Maybe making it more personal would be better, just that I am thinking the process may get opened up to other folk later on…

    Also from my end, I have to say the majority of these complaints are from new submitters that are unsure of the system (about I would guess 75%). The rest are mostly (20% or less) valid complaints about an overlooked point or misread guideline, or indeed in your case, something that was on the edge. About 5% or less are from people upset with the whole process (mostly about comments as well!)

  • Feb 19,2007 at 10:41

    I’ve just experienced this procedure as a mod on the receiving end of a “Complaint” (about my N voting on [url=]this update[/url]) and have some feedback about the Complaint system:

    1) Overall idea is good. It gives a good opportunity for submitters to point out when mods make an erroneous decision. In this case, it wasn’t really cut ‘n’ dried as to whether my N vote was correct or incorrect. More a case of interpretation of the guidelines. But the complaint procedure did give the user a chance to explain in more detail WHY he’d submitted the Update I N voted, and therefore allowed me to understand better what would be the best update to submit. I’ve contacted him personally via his Contact details to continue the discussion to ensure we get a correct update done in the end.

    2) The email I received with the resolution to the Complaint could be improved:
    – it’s not clear WHO receives this email. Is it all the mods/commenters on the update? Just the mod/commenter who’s been called out? The submitter of the complaint? It would be a good idea to mention, in the email, who receives it (not necessarily giving user names, but at least the type of user they are).
    – after [i]The complaint has been reviewed, and following points have been made:[/i] it’s not entirely clear WHO this comes from. I’m assuming it’s [u=nik], but it’s not mentioned explicitly.
    – I think it would be a good idea to show more clearly in the email which sections are standard text and which sections are text written by the Complainant etc. Text from the Complainant should be preceded by something like: “The user submitting the Complaint made the following comments:” and text from nik should be preceded by something like “The complaint has been reviewed and the following points have been made by nik, the Site Administrator:”, or something similar.

    3) All in all, it’s unclear what happens to all the communication relating to a particular Complaint.
    – There’s no apparent log of the comments, so no history of what decisions were taken. It seems to be all rather ad-hoc and email-based.
    – In my case, following the Complaint “resolution”, there is further communication required. In other words, the complaint hasn’t necessarily been resolved yet. I’ve contacted the user with my proposed solution on how to best update, but he may disagree and have a better idea. I think the Complaint Procedure needs to be able to show all this subsequent communication and store it for future reference.
    – I would suggest that each complaint procedure is stored and accessible (rather like an update or new release submission).

  • Jan 22,2007 at 17:58

    [quote=herr_roessi]My answers didn’t have that sentence… It rather says:


  • Jan 22,2007 at 14:25

    [quote=fleshmeatdoll]especially liked the phrase:

    Please note that users who make repeated incorrect submission
    complaints may be blocked from the complaint procedure.

    somehow encouraging ;)[/quote]

    My answers didn’t have that sentence… It rather says:

    []Please note that users, submitters, or moderators who make repeated
    major errors on submissions may be removed from the process to ensure
    a fair and workable system. [/quote]

  • Jan 22,2007 at 14:21

    [quote=fritzb]You will receive a notice once the complaint is resolved.[/quote]

    Yes, I did now.

    Even though I think this feature is overdue, it lacks a bit of transparency. I know, the complaints don’t have any real and direct effect, but anyhow it should be possible to track them and you should know who takes care of it.

    All in all, this might help to reduce some of the feelings some submitter have against some mods for (perceived) unfair treatment.

  • Jan 22,2007 at 07:26

    [quote=herr_roessi]Actually, I didn’t. I submitted two complaints today (partially to see how it works), but I[/quote]

    me too, received an answer signed

    especially liked the phrase:

    []Please note that users who make repeated incorrect submission
    complaints may be blocked from the complaint procedure.[/quote]

    somehow encouraging ;)

  • Jan 22,2007 at 06:20

    [quote=nik]At the moment I deal with any complaints directly.[/quote]
    Good luck!!!

    Question: Is all the communication within the “complaint procedure” saved along with the submission history?

    I can see how it would be easy enough to save the initial complaint, but if it’s being sent by email (on the form itself it says all moderators and commenters will get a copy of the email), how would reply emails be saved?

    And how would you keep all communication on the complaint in one place, if, for example, more than one person starts to reply to the initial complaint?

    Will be interesting to see if this proves to be a better system than using the forums.

  • nik
    Jan 22,2007 at 04:59

    At the moment I deal with any complaints directly.

  • Jan 21,2007 at 16:20

    ok, so who these complaints will be emailed to for resolution?
    to the mods i assume?

    that will increase their load, and now submissions will take even longer to be moderated, as if 5 months was not bad enough

  • Jan 21,2007 at 16:08

    [quote=herr_roessi]Actually, I didn’t. I submitted two complaints today (partially to see how it works), but I didn’t receive any feedback of it.[/quote]
    You will receive a notice once the complaint is resolved.

  • Jan 21,2007 at 15:57

    [quote=nik]Yes, the complainer will receive the email verdict as well.[/quote]

    Actually, I didn’t. I submitted two complaints today (partially to see how it works), but I didn’t receive any feedback of it.

  • Jan 20,2007 at 11:04

    Good idea, really. Already used it :)

  • Jan 20,2007 at 09:02

    It’ll be interesting to see how this works out. I think there is a risk that your mail server might be overwhelmed by people who thinks they’ve been treated unkind by moderators.

    In any case, I like the idea. There’ve been situations when I’ve felt there was something like this.

  • nik
    Jan 20,2007 at 06:40

    Yes, the complainer will receive the email verdict as well.

  • Jan 20,2007 at 06:29

    Sounds good. I’m sure we all could use some constructive feedback.

    One quick suggestion: I think it would be good for the user who submits the complaint to receive a notice too so he has a record of what he said.

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