New feature – Willing to moderate tickbox in user preferences

We have added a new feature today in everyone’s [url=]user preferences section[/url], a tickbox called ‘Willing to moderate’. Currently, this is set to be UNTICKED, meaning if you would like to be considered to be a moderator, please go and tick this box now.

Only moderators can see this selection in other users profiles. It should help us select new moderators without having to email everyone.

Please note that you will not automatically become a moderator by ticking this box, there are several other criteria by which new moderators are chosen, including good submissions, and good language and communication skills.

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  • md
    Mar 9,2006 at 16:51

    I noticed just now that some users who have been made mods in the last couple of days still have (Willing To Moderate) on their profiles. Shouldn’t that disappear when they get mod status?

  • Feb 20,2006 at 07:18

    Thanks for your answer anyway.

  • nik
    Feb 20,2006 at 04:12

    If you feel you want to make a statement about what you would like to moderate, just put a small note in your user profile.

    We will not be sending out any emails apart from aceptance emails if you are made a mod. There is simply not enough time or resourses, and the system is NOT automated at all.

    We will not be adding any more functionality to this tickbox for the time being.

  • Feb 20,2006 at 01:13

    As soon as someone has been seen as “willing to moderate” and checked by other mods, could we have a mail confirming the final decision? Poz or Neg?
    Just to know if we’ve been checked as “willing to moderate”. Otherwise you’ll never know if your willing has been seen by anyone…

    Is that possible?

    I think it would also be a good idea to give hints about “what” we’d like to moderate…

  • Feb 17,2006 at 08:51

    I don’t want to be a moderator because some parts here on Discogs are made far too complex for a perfectionist. Trying to be perfect can be very difficult, but here it seems to be a way of self-mortification. It doesn’t always fit with the idea of an user-driven database. I mean, I expect moderators to give [i]support[/i] to those users (and some of them do) and that’s why I find the tick-box a bad idea. Or it could just be meant the other way around: don’t choose the ones that promote themselves.

  • Feb 16,2006 at 16:50

    @ vargind

    Perfect. Thanks.

  • Feb 16,2006 at 12:51

    you only need to do one vote on one item in the past month to not get automatically kicked out – and you could easily get that by chosing the “vote on items already voted on” option and coming along and doing the second vote on a whole bunch of stuff.
    so, you could get away with the commitment of only like 10 minutes a month.

    but of course that is not the sort of mods they are looking for. realistically, the more commitment you can make, the better. I don’t know for sure, but I think lot of mods here probably spend like an hour or two, a few days a week, depending on what is going on in their “real” lives.

    It can take a long time to mod an item, particularly if it’s obscure and difficult – this is the reason that compilations are always towards the end of the queue.

    Hope this info helps you.

  • Feb 16,2006 at 11:43

    Call me dummy (really) but what level of committment does modding require? I’m not there yet (my sh*t gets bounced all the time).

    Also kudos to the programming in general on this site. Tops.

  • nik
    Feb 16,2006 at 09:56

    It’s a fair point, and would be good, but for the moment Teo has loads of other programing things to do… so fot the mement, we can live with it as it is. If anyone gets made a mod and wants to swap genres, we can do that on a case by case basis. The other way is of course to write in your profile what genres you want to mod :-)

  • Feb 16,2006 at 08:14

    Selecting the genre would be better.

    I, for example, am willing to moderate in Electronic, because I got much knowledge in Trance things, but I don’t have any Electronic records to submit anymore.

    ATM, I’m submitting Rock (my father’s collection) and Non-Music (radio plays for kids) releases. As I guess the mods only look at recent submissions, perhaps a Rock mod would point me out. But this is not the genre I want to moderate.

  • Feb 16,2006 at 04:00

    that’s right,
    but it would help keeping an eye on users who are interested in a particular genre…

  • Feb 15,2006 at 11:40

    As nik said – I don’t think the funk mods will see your stellar industrial submissions and think “we need that user!” – I think it’s something that curious mods will look for, after moting enough that someone stands out.

    I think this is a very keen feature, and I too was suprised to see someone with zero submissions willing to be a moderator =)

  • nik
    Feb 15,2006 at 11:17

    We could do, but really the mods in =whatever= genre will probably pick out the submitters that submit in that genre. Once you are a mod, it is possible to ask to mod other genres no problem.

    The system to add mods will be under constant improvment, this is just a quick fix for the moment so mods can see potential candidates easily.

  • Feb 15,2006 at 10:10

    agreed with [u=djcarnage]

    can we hae an option for the genre, the user is willing to moderate in?

  • Feb 14,2006 at 18:25

    at the moment that is :D

  • Feb 14,2006 at 18:25

    is there a possibility to click a certain part you like to mod?
    beacuse i’m adding a lot of rock at the moment but i only like to mod the electronic stuff, maybe in he future rock would be cool too, but i;m not enough into the releases to mod it…

  • Feb 14,2006 at 13:02

    [i]it might be a good idea to untick the box by default and send a mail to every user let people know about this new feature, no ?[/i]

    not so. one of the qualifications of being a mod is that you check the forums regularly. so anyone who didn’t see this thread probably isn’t qualified.

  • Feb 14,2006 at 11:08

    Only mods can see it on the profile page.

  • Feb 14,2006 at 10:38

    I don’t see it on any profile now…

  • Feb 14,2006 at 09:28


    Mine was UNTICKED!!!

    Of course I changed it though :P

    Hip Hop and Electronic would be my bag!!

  • Feb 14,2006 at 06:48

    it might be a good idea to untick the box by default and send a mail to every user let people know about this new feature, no ?

  • md
    Feb 14,2006 at 06:42

    I was beginning to wonder myself, I think every user on Discogs must have read the news forum.

  • Feb 14,2006 at 06:31

    And I cannot untick it in my preferences.

  • Feb 14,2006 at 06:26

    Ehmm… it looks like this box is [b]ticked[/b] by default. I can’t find any user who is NOT willing to moderate!

  • Feb 14,2006 at 05:55

    Allard-S: that’s a good idea.

  • Feb 14,2006 at 05:25

    Imagine my surprise and amusement when I recently saw this on a user’s profile:

    Releases Contributed: 0 (Willing to moderate)

  • Feb 14,2006 at 04:43

    @ [u=nik] imo a better idea would be to work from the contributorlist. Maybe an option could be installed there to highlight people who are mods already (for example in green) and people who are interested to be a mod (for example in red). Would be much more convenient, no? Thoughts?

  • nik
    Feb 14,2006 at 03:19

    We will most likely see a user is a potential candidate by the quality of their submissions, then it is a quick matter to look at their profile and see if they want to moderate or not, and we can act on that.

  • Feb 14,2006 at 02:26

    thanks for this nik…

    but someone tell me, do mods really spend much time looking at other users profiles ?? because that is the only way they will see this?

  • Feb 14,2006 at 02:22

    Done :)

  • AEK
    Feb 14,2006 at 01:33

    Yep, i’d also prefer to not have that shown on my profile thanks.

  • Feb 13,2006 at 17:17

    Nice feature, teo and nik. It will help to speed up the new mod selection process.

    I noticed the same thing as md. I’m a mod, so don’t have the tick box in my Preferences, and yet “Willing to Moderate” still shows up in my profile.

  • Feb 13,2006 at 15:00

    immediately clicked it 8)

    hope you pick me soon (or a bit later :D)

  • Feb 13,2006 at 11:55

    Hey look, user [u=mayday] is willing to moderate! Shall we ask him to join the modteam??? :P

  • md
    Feb 13,2006 at 11:41

    the option is disabled, teo, but the (Willing To Moderate) is still shown on user profiles of mods.

  • teo
    Feb 13,2006 at 11:32

    gonzales4ever, I’ve just disabled that option for existing mods.

  • Feb 13,2006 at 11:24


  • Feb 13,2006 at 11:18

    I noticed that too.

  • Feb 13,2006 at 10:40

    If you are a moderator already, this shouldn’t show up in your profile. I’m not able to remove it from my profile and I don’t want it to appear there.

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