New Features Make It Easy to Add To And Sell From Your Collection

The music we collect is a part of who we are. It’s a physical manifestation of the music we love and a way to keep tabs on the evolution of our listening habits.

A few years back, Discogs released a feature that allows music collectors to catalog their personal collections. If you’re not using the Discogs Collection feature, you should be. It’s free and has numerous benefits. You can:

I’m just skimming the surface here, but hopefully you get the gist. The Collection feature is an invaluable tool for anyone who loves physical music.

Today, we’re pleased to announce two new features to the Discogs Collection:

  • List to sell from Collection
  • Add to Collection after purchase

Mark For Sale

Gone are the days of finding the release page of the record you have to list it for sale. As long as you have a record in your Collection, you can quickly list it on the Discogs Marketplace

There’s an added bonus for those of you that keep your Collection meticulously annotated. If you have the condition of your copy listed in your Collection, it will carry over to the sales listing.

Add To Collection After Purchase

If you’re like us, one of the first things you do after dropping the needle on the record the postman just dropped off is adding it to your Collection. Back in the day, you’d have to scour all of Discogs to locate the specific record you purchased and add it from that release page. Well, those days are officially over. You can now add Discogs purchases to your Collection with just a couple of clicks.

Adding items from the Purchases tab will transfer the condition of the item as listed by the seller as well. So as long as the record was shipped properly and there were no postal mishaps, this should be a time saver as well.

Can you believe there was a time when this feature didn’t exist? We can’t either. Adding to Collection from Discogs purchases is now a breeze – especially when you consider the time saved when adding multiple items from one page. If you’re forgetful like us, we can even remind you with an email or private message a few weeks after the item is marked shipped. Try it out on your own here.

These additions to the Collection tool should make your life easier. Whether you want to add to or sell from your Collection, there are now fewer steps involved. Let us know your thoughts below and happy collecting!

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  • Jul 25,2019 at 17:14

    Not sure, but the option to have your purchases moved to your collection did exist on Discogs since Dinosaurs roamed the earth. Had a good laugh at that.

    However, the message from Discogs to try out the new collection feature is the icing on the cake. I’ve deleted my entries due to the fact that Discogs doesn’t listen what the users need and want (just see all the threads in the forums). Sorry, but the updated version is a load of crap ever since it was rolled out.

  • Jul 23,2019 at 01:22

    huh? Always after I leaver a seller feedback it gives me the option to immediately add the purchases to collection. Been that way forever.

  • Jul 20,2019 at 00:29

    When I add to collection after purchase, usually (almost always) it’s an item that had been in my want list for some time, and it had carefully annotated notes on that wantlist entry. Those notes get deleted and lost forever without warning when I choose the “add to collection and remove from wantlist” option when leaving feedback on the purchase.

    Can those wantlist notes please be moved to the collection notes when using this option?

  • Jul 18,2019 at 11:24

    A small step for the mankind, a giant leap for Discogs. ;)
    And, obviously, still only available to those with small collections. (Not sure if it actually isn’t a Good Thing™…)

    Now, how about onto the next little leap and finally making custom collection fields sortable and searchable?

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