Everything Sellers Need to Know About Discogs PayPal Payments Solution

Discogs is pleased to provide a new PayPal payments solution that makes it easier to sell online and connect with the biggest audience of music buyers worldwide. This payments solution is simpler, convenient, and saves you time, whether selling on Discogs is your hobby or your business.

Onboard now to start receiving the benefits. Discogs will completely transition to the new PayPal payments solution on February 1, 2022.

How the PayPal Payments Solution Works

The PayPal payments solution is the most sophisticated version of the Discogs checkout. Buyers will be presented with all available payment options, many of which do not require the buyer to have a PayPal account, immediately after they order an item. Sellers will experience quicker payments from buyers and spend less time processing fees. Sellers are required to onboard the new solution by February 1, 2022.

See the Benefits

No more monthly invoices

Fees and taxes are deducted and submitted automatically when the buyer pays for their order. This will be displayed in your settings as the Partner Fee. Absolutely 100% of the money that goes into your account is yours to keep. Deducted taxes include, but aren’t limited to, United States sales tax, United Kingdom and European VAT, and Australian and New Zealand GST.

Get paid immediately

The new PayPal payments solution makes checkout more efficient for buyers and sellers. Early testing shows that orders are paid around 3.5 times faster compared to the classic Discogs checkout. As soon as the buyer places an order, they’ll be presented with all available payment options, many of which do not require the buyer to have a PayPal account. Payment methods include PayPal, credit or debit card, and, for buyers in some countries, localized payment methods like Sofort (Germany, Austria, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain), iDeal (The Netherlands), and Mercado Pago (Brazil, Mexico).

Benefit from confident buyers

Whether it’s the buyer’s thousandth order or their first, getting their music through the new Paypal payments solution checkout is smoother and more intuitive with fewer steps. PayPal is a recognized and trusted payment provider. Buyers are often more willing to make payment with PayPal, even in newer situations that feature an unfamiliar seller, international shipping, or their first order on Discogs. Following a year that brought more buyers online for the first time, security and trust are paramount.

List and sell in your local currency

Fees will be calculated in your local currency, which means you no longer have to convert to the United States Dollar (USD). For many sellers, it will be easier to see and understand at a glance because estimated fees in your inventory will be presented in your local currency.

Besides USD, additional Discogs supported currencies include:

  • British Pound Sterling
  • Euro
  • Canadian dollars
  • Australian dollars
  • New Zealand dollars
  • Japanese yen
  • Swiss francs
  • Brazilian real
  • Mexican pesos
  • Swedish krona

Onboard Now

The PayPal payments solution doesn’t require changes to your existing PayPal account. Simply go to the Payment Information section of your Seller Settings. Enter the email address associated with your PayPal account and click Connect to PayPal.

Steps for onboarding:

  • Go to your Seller Settings.
  • Go to the Payment Information section.
  • Click Connect to PayPal.

The PayPal payments solution will be a requirement for all sellers beginning February 1, 2022. Onboarding now will save you time in the future. Get paid in less time with less effort and enable your buyers to check out with greater confidence and flexible payment options. For more details and answers to any questions you may have, please refer to our FAQ. We’ll be regularly updating the FAQ as new questions arise.

Article originally published on September 21, 2021. Last updated in January 2022 to include additional details and the transition date.

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