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At Discogs, we’re continually working to ensure that pages load as quickly as possible. This is especially important for release pages, which are very highly-trafficked and are often the first thing a new visitor will see!

Today we’re switching from our self-hosted JWPlayer installation to standard YouTube embedded playlists.

The old player was very large in file size, and comprised a huge chunk (20%) of our JavaScript payload. This code was being served on every single Discogs page, so your browser was still loading it even if there were no videos to display.

At the other extreme, for pages with many videos to display, the old player was not very intelligent about how it loaded thumbnail images. On the Aphex Twin artist page, your browser would make a couple of hundred requests to YouTube and download about 3MB of content — even if you never clicked Play.

Finally, the old player didn’t do so well on mobile devices. You’d get a black box with a play button instead of a preview image, and you’d be totally out of luck if you wanted to see the rest of the videos in the playlist. With more and more visitors browsing Discogs on mobile devices, this was kind of a problem!

The more modern YouTube player, which you’ve probably seen before, addresses all of these shortcomings. You’ll see better load times across Discogs thanks to the smaller JavaScript payload, and the video watching experience will only get better as Google rolls out improvements. On that Aphex Twin page, the player downloads only what it needs — about 100KB of images. And, as a bonus, it can play videos that the old player can’t.

We’ll keep working to make Discogs faster and easier to use, and we hope you enjoy what we’ve done so far!

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  • Aug 4,2013 at 02:19

    “And why not make it possible for us, to enable/disable this piece of “junk” ?. I have never and will not used it ”
    THIS. And absolutely this.

  • Jul 29,2013 at 04:25

    Just my 2p worth – it blocks my drop down boxes when putting in my Media and Sleeve Condition when updating my collection. For some or other reason they go ‘behind’ the YouTube player, meaning the lowest Sleeve condition I can choose is “Very Good”. (even though it may not be true!)

  • Jul 27,2013 at 21:04

    I’ve gotten a few 502 errors when bringing up a page – the area where the video box is supposed to be located has a Google page showing the 502 error. Reloading the page has solved it each time though.

  • Jul 26,2013 at 20:14

    Well I’m glad, because I don’t use the video feature, and it was making pages really slow to load the old way. For what it’s worth.

  • Jul 26,2013 at 17:16

    I see some major downsides to this new player.

    1. You can’t see all the available videos at once. In order to see how many there are, you have to scroll with the ‘next’ button.

    2. This sort of ties in with number one; you can’t read the titles – so you have no idea what song is playing. You’d actually have to go to Youtube and read the title on their site. Not good. The old player put the file name above the video box. Or one would have to access the videos ‘edit’ button and see what is available from there…

    So while this ‘improvement’ might make things faster, it certainly doesn’t make the Discogs experience ‘easier’. In fact, finding and listening to music is more difficult.

  • Jul 26,2013 at 16:04

    very bad Experience!!! :(
    the new video-player with the links to youtube is full shits.
    What’s all this?
    now one cannot see any more which tracks are present and must orientate itself after the pictures.
    Also one has to go if a track is played, further, various other tracks only click around to a certain track to reach.
    Why must one always change everything what was fully good before?

  • Jul 26,2013 at 07:09

    Great improvement.

  • Jul 25,2013 at 22:07

    And why not make it possible for us, to enable/disable this piece of “junk” ?. I have never and will not used it

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