New wording on the update forms

The following text has been added to the update forms:

[b]Be sure to include a full and detailed justification for your submission. You should supply any and all information / links to proofs you have relating to the justification of this submission.[/b] [b]Please do not submit until you are confident that your submission is correct. You can use the Discogs forums to discuss the validity of any updates that you suspect are required.[/b] [b]Submissions that lack sufficient back-up will be rejected. By making sure your Moderator notes are clear and helpful, you will let us process your request as quickly as possible.[/b]

The text is self explanatory. Updates can be almost impossible to process if there is a lack of explanation for why the update is happening. What is obvious to the submitter is probably not obvious to the editor or moderator. By adding a short explanation for the reason for the update, together with any proof, the update will be accepted faster and the database will be more accurate.

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  • Sep 14,2006 at 19:47

    Well, when modding, I don’t normally don’t read the mod notes first. I’m clicking on the release to look for images that verify the changes.
    Without pics, the submitter should of course give a good explanation. Otherwise I’m asking, or if I discover he’s a bad updater, I N-vote all non-verifiable updates of him.

  • md
    Sep 14,2006 at 16:09

    The idea is that less time is wasted due to users not bothering to explain why they are changing things or asking for entries to be removed from the database. Updates sit in the queue for months as users give no information at the time of submission other than “A1 changed” (like we can’t see that!), “dupe”, “he’s called XXX” and then give inadequate responses to queries.

    Mods should be verifying the information/evidence that led someone to change a listing from A to B and basing decisions on that, not having to go out looking for it themselves because people can’t be bothered to give it up front. It makes it very hard to decide whether to vote Y or N, as either could be wrong. Many users give only evasive responses designed to get Y votes, when in fact they often don’t know (or care) whether they’re right or not.

    It’s a “help us to help you” request. Just take a look at the back of the Editors queue to see what I’m talking about. If we had detailed mod notes up front there would be a much faster moving queue.

  • Sep 14,2006 at 14:41

    to ignore someones copy saying so would be foolish. you’re there to check if the data people supply is done in a way consistent with discogs system, not to only approve information that already exists on the web.

  • tom
    Sep 14,2006 at 13:29

    It should make the queue dissappear quicker though, as it now gives mods the ability mod quicker, and ignore stupid notes like “coz it is” & “My copy says so”

  • Sep 14,2006 at 13:18

    Thumbs up! I wonder if I will notice the effect though… We’ll see :)

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