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Noodle from Gorillaz Chats About Her Record Collection and Shares a Playlist

Noodle knows a thing or two about confinement. Near the advent of the Gorillaz, she arrived at the band’s headquarters in a crate. Nowadays, the four walls of her quarantine, Kong Studios, are much larger than a simple box. Noodle and the rest of the crew — Russel, 2-D, and Murdoc (along with flesh-and-blood members Damon Albarn, Remi Kabaka Jr., and Jamie Hewlett) — have been busy inside those walls collaborating with artists such as Schoolboy Q, Elton John, St. Vincent, and Robert Smith on a new album, Song Machine, Season One, and accompanying web series.

We caught up with Noodle to learn a little more about her record collection. The guitarist has been hoarding vinyl since she met fellow bandmate Russel in 1998. She shared some of her more interesting pieces, as well as a playlist of tunes she’s listening to now.

The Gorillaz are hosting three live shows online this weekend, December 12-13, featuring a fun lineup of friends. Check out the times and ticket info here.

Discogs: Do you remember the first album you bought on vinyl?

Noodle: Moon Pix (1998) by Cat Power.

Discogs: What about the last album you purchased?

Noodle: Six Songs for Invisible Gardens (2020) by Green-House.

noodle first last record

Discogs: What inspired you to collect vinyl? Is there a style of music or region that you are most interested in?

Noodle: Russel inspires me. Style is only interesting with comparison. I collect everything.

Discogs: Where and how do you like to shop?

Noodle: In active war zone, I like to shop under pressure, best records are ones that slay you.

Discogs: How long have you been collecting?

Noodle: Since I met Russel.

Discogs: How do you organize your collection? Alphabetically? By genre?

Noodle: By star sign.

noddle guitar heavy records instrument

Discogs: What are some of your favorite guitar-heavy records?

Discogs: What’s the weirdest thing you own on vinyl?

Noodle: Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends. The bloody version.

Discogs: If you could magically give everyone in the world one album, what would it be?

Noodle: We should never force music. People must choose, that’s what makes the joy.

Discogs: If you had to leave your place in a hurry — let’s say Kong Studios is attacked by a kaiju or something — what would be the one record you grab?

Noodle: The best record is the next one, I take it with me in my heart.

Noodle’s Playlist


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