Not A Hoarder, Honest: Acquiring Bulk Records For Submission/Sale

I figured I’d take a change of pace from my regular submission related posts to discuss something I often get questions about: “Where the heck am I going to find thousand upon thousands of submissions to add?”

There are many varied sources for pounds upon pounds of records without breaking the bank! If you don’t care about making money, there’s a few simple solutions to bulk up your contributions:

A) Make friends with record store owners or other dealers and have them put aside cracked, warped or unplayable records they’d otherwise throw out. This is usually free for you and they won’t have to waste expensive dumpster space on heat burnt Mitch Miller.

B) Find collectors who are trusting enough to let you borrow and document their collection. Bring up the fact that in order to get a collection insured, you’ll need to provide the insurance company with a list or the amount of money that can be saved through accidental double purchases.

C) Buy out record stores or other dealer’s dollar bin records. Most will shed a tear of joy as you ask to take cumbersome unsellable records from their store, garage or storage unit for as low as $5-10 a box.

The key to this whole process is networking within your local record collecting community. This past weekend I acquired a whopping 8,000 7″ records for a relatively small price. By going in with two other collectors, we were able to purchase a 25,000 piece lot off another collector whose significant other wanted the garage back.

After spending a heroic two hours going through every box and removing anything I felt was unique or interesting, I was left with a pile of 500 neat records and 7500 run-of-the-mill ones which shall at the moment occupy my storage unit while the interesting pile gets dumped into the database until I need more records to submit.

I ended up netting personally about 50 records for my own collection and 450 jukebox mini-lp’s. Many of which are generally not known to exist and will be first documented in this database!

In closing, you don’t have to drop a fat stack of cash to get a fat stack of wax.

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