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One-Music-EU’s Paolo Annicchiarico on Digging in Panama and Selling on Discogs

With over 23,000 items for sale and over 10,000 contributions to the Database, Paolo Annicchiarico of One-Music-EU has one of the most eclectic music selections available on Discogs. To maintain this high standard, Annicchiarico spends a significant amount of time crate digging in countries far away from his Italian mother country. One place, in particular — the Republic of Panama — has become his second home over the years.

“I actually live in Panama, it’s my base. I’ve always known it to be a great place for record hunting — Panama has always been an important commercial crossroad in Latin America and has a very heterogeneous society,” Annicchiarico tells Discogs.

Already a seasoned worldwide digger before opening his Discogs store, Annicchiarico maintains storage units around the world to stow the large quantities of records he ends up buying. However, his enthusiasm for Panama is unmatched.

“Today, for example, I’ve found a copy of Nucleus’s Elastic Rock on Vertigo. Can you believe you can find a British progressive jazz-rock LP in Central America? Well, in Panama, it is possible. It is possible to find records from any Latin American country: Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela … music from Cuba, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Trinidad. Early ska, R&B, dancehall, and reggae vinyl from Jamaica. Also, due to the American military presence in the Canal Zone, it is possible to pick up original and rare soul, funk, and jazz records. Of course, the local records are great and very collectible,” Annicchiarico says.

When he’s not traveling, Annicchiarico splits his time between Italy and Panama, though he has his eyes on a future location elsewhere in Europe. We managed to catch him during some downtime to learn more about his approach to selling on Discogs.

Discogs: How long have you been selling on Discogs?

Paolo Annicchiarico: Eight years.

D: What is the most valuable item you’ve ever sold?

PA: U2’s With or Without You 7-inch (Panama press) for 3000€ ($3530 USD).

D: How do you manage your inventory on Discogs?

PA: I have different sections for any format. All items are numbered, archived, and easy to pick up.

D: What values do you try to stick to when it comes to running your store?

PA: Honesty above all. My customer’s satisfaction is the priority. I simply try to offer the best possible service in all areas: grading, packing, shipping, communication.

D: What sets you apart from other Sellers on Discogs?

PA: The catalog includes a huge amount of exclusive items impossible to find in other stores, especially in the European area. Experience, which allows me to offer the best possible service. Competence.

D: What’s the biggest challenge of selling online vs. in person? How did you overcome it?

PA: Communication. Selling in person involves more dimensions of our beings which permits a better result. Online communication easily gets too cerebral and emotional and needs more self-control and patience for both Buyers and Sellers.

One-Music-EU Paolo Annicchiarico

Courtesy of One-Music-EU

D: Which Discogs feature helps you the most as a Seller?

PA: Numbers.

D: What would be your No. 1 tip for new sellers?

PA: Be honest. Be transparent. Be humble. Be fair. Either you’re an occasional Seller or you’re trying to build a lifetime business. You’d better found your activity on a positive basis.

D: In the age of downloads and streaming, why do you think people still buy physical music?

PA: For the same reason why a Van Gogh painting still has value despite [the fact that] you can see it scanned on the Internet. Records are art. Records are beautiful. Their content is a lot richer than the music they contain.

D: What’s something you wish you’d known before you got started as a Seller?

PA: Nothing special. I fully enjoyed the journey and still doing it.

D: You sell all around the world on Discogs. What is your most memorable Discogs order?

PA: The one that gave me the biggest reward: U2’s With or Without You 7-inch.

D: Where’s your favorite place in the world to dig?

PA: Panama.

D: What’s the next record to be crossed off your own Wantlist?

D: What are your current music recommendations? Give us five!

Crate Minds showcases some of the best Sellers on Discogs. You’ll meet the people behind the crates (virtual and otherwise), get some insights into the life of a record seller, and learn tips on selling records from the best in the biz. If you feel like it’s time to buy some records, you can check out One-Music-EU here. Feature image by Photo by Samuel Regan-Asante.

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