On The Record: Channy Leaneagh of Poliça

The relationship between art and politics has birthed unbelievable cultural moments over the history of humankind. With the release of ‘Music For The Long Emergency,’ the Electro-Pop of Poliça and chamber collective Stargaze add their combined voices to the narrative that consumed politics in 2017… and beyond. In the midst of ‘Music For The Long Emergency’ hitting records stores this month, Channy Leaneagh of Poliça shares some incredible records with us that call out Grammy Chief Neil Portnow. From the looks of her collection, she might be calling out his lack of awareness of the greater musical landscape happening outside the United States Top 50 playlist on Spotify. But one can only guess.

Let’s get on with Channy sharing her themed list of vinyl, ‘The Folks That Are Always “Stepping Up” 100% Higher: 2017 records that prove Neil Portnow doesn’t know what he’s talking about’.

Poliça's Favorite Records: Helena Hauff ‎– Have You Been There, Have You Seen It album cover

1. Helena HauffHave You Been There, Have You Seen It

This is an EP, but who cares. A-sexual utopias are built in every one of Hauff’s creations-sounds of freedom. Hands down the best tones in techno in my opinion; nothing going on here that can be used for yoga teacher training retreats.

Poliça's Favorite Records: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith ‎– The Kid album cover

2. Kaitlyn Aurelia SmithThe Kid

An Album of 13 songs by American composer and vocal processing master Kaitlyn Auriel Smith. I first fell in love with Smith’s ‘Sunergy’. The Kid and all of Smith’s other releases are creating their own worlds. Maybe that’s the other theme of my choices; music that creates other worlds that can’t be mass produced. “The Kid” is lush and spacey; I do suggest it.

Poliça's Favorite Records: Couch Slut ‎– Contempt album cover

3. Couch SlutContempt

The Metal Injection Review of Contempt says it’s “like a beer bottle being broken over your head and then put to your throat. There’s no comfortable lure here, no inviting moment” – (July 24, 2017) – sounds perfect to me. Hardcore and female fronted.

Poliça's Favorite Records: SZA ‎– Ctrl album cover

4. SZACtrl

One of my favorite memories of the past year was while a bunch of musicians were waiting around at the Eaux Claires festival I plugged “the weekend” into my phone and we all danced; pure joy and abandonment of all cares in a very different way than can be done with Couch Slut but still freedom. SZA emotes strong feelings that can’t be manufactured; I always like to feel things she’s putting out in a song.

Poliça's Favorite Records: Arca ‎– Arca album cover

5. ArcaArca

I bow to the throne of Arca. My favorite producer: destroys all the boxes. I love the way this record sits in my ears like a Mendelssohn piano sonata with all the majesty of Arca’s very future production; sounds that will outlast these ages and comfort us through the current tide.

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