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I’m pleased to announce that our main data set is now available for third party use, for free, under our new data license. This data is initially available through our API. But we will soon be providing monthly snapshots of the release, artist, and label data in XML format. With the API you can programmatically retrieve any release, artist, label, or search results page in XML format. For those who would like to have all of the data at once, you should use the upcoming monthly snapshots.

Now the XML format has not been finalized yet. So I would like to get feedback on the schema before calling it version 1.0. I will do this on Oct 1, 2007. So if you start using this data in an application, check back often as the schema will likely change.

By making the data open and available like this, we are enabling all the work that the submitters and moderators have put into the database over the last 7 years to be used in many new and different ways, on other websites, or simply on individual computers.

For example, if you run a fan website about an artist, you can “plug in” the Discogs data, and display it in different ways to suit the site. Or, you could download the database to display and search it in different ways on your own computer. We can expect to be surprised at some of the uses it will end up being put to! And by having the data “open” like this, we hope to further encourage the growth of Discogs, and the confidence in the site.

more details:
Data License:
API Documentation:

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