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At Discogs, we like to participate in hack days where each person gets the opportunity to build anything they want that relates to Discogs. During the latest hack day, cburmeister and I worked on improving the order page.

A recurring problem is that new buyers do not understand the order process, sometimes abandoning the order. The order page should make it clear what has happened with an order, what the current state is, and what’s happening next.

At the bottom of the order page, a Messages section allows a buyer and seller to communicate with each other. Order status changes looked like a message, so it was hard to distinguish an order change from a user message.

Order status changes should be viewed more like a system event and styled differently from a user’s message. The new design should reduce confusion by rendering status changes differently with a status icon representing each specific event.

It wasn’t a simple change. We had to implement a new order status system, which means only orders events made after September 12, 2014 are rendered as timeline events. Previous events are rendered as messages.

To help simplify the order page even further, we updated the order page header. We moved the order status to the right side of the page and added an icon for each order event. It gives both parties an overview of what are the steps to complete the order.

Clicking on each status will show a brief description of the order. Additional statuses will be shown like “Buyer Contacted” and will show up if they appear on the order timeline.

We think that those changes will improve order page experience for our users. The feature is currently a beta, which can be enabled in the Labs Settings. We encourage everyone to try it out and give us your feedback in the forum post. This feature is expected to ship to everyone in the next few weeks.

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  • Oct 9,2014 at 01:12

    The problem is that sellers are not completing the time line. My order does not indicate my payment or the sellers shipment.

  • Oct 2,2014 at 18:14

    At the very first start, don’t allow a buyer to give a neutral or negative before there was any action from the seller at all.
    We just got a neutral from a new buyer who doesn’t understand the system!
    Leaves us this neutral and his comment was “cancell order” as the status is still NEW ORDER without any message we sent to the guy. We understand a buyer can give a seller a neutral when he answers “item is already sold” or something like that, but without any action from the seller it’s really unfair. At least block the buyer from giving feedback the first 48 hours or so. We also understand that if it takes a really long time before the seller answers, the buyer can get upset. Just wanted to share this with you guys, along with like 22 other ideas I still want to share with you. Give my regards to Kevin (and please overview (and delete) this really unfair neutral ;) )


  • Oct 2,2014 at 10:58

    I like this.

    It would be even more convenient for the seller, if the status of the paypal payment could be implemented as well. E.g. if the buyer used the paypal button to pay his order, the status of the order should change to “paid”.


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