The Most Popular Albums on Discogs in December 2020


Our regular roundup of the most popular albums is determined by how many Discogs users added it to their Collections during the month. To be included on each genre-specific list, the album must have been released in 2020 in a physical format (meaning vinyl, CD, or cassette, so it won’t take into consideration digital streams). […]

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Instagram 101 for Discogs Sellers and Record Stores

instagram 101

Social media is, for better or for worse, a necessity in modern times — especially in the era of COVID-19, when it helps to have a digital presence. If you’ve already decided to get on board, you might as well embrace it and make the most of your time. While Facebook and Twitter are effective […]

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The Best Albums Celebrating Anniversaries in February 2021

album anniversaries february 2021

There are a few things that will make you feel old. Realizing that Back to the Future: Part II happened five years ago, we’re now closer to 2050 than we are to 1980, and kids born in 2000 can legally drink in the U.S. this year. Oh, and finding out that a beloved anniversary is […]

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20 Weird Records for a Weird 2020

weird stuff weird year

I started the year in January getting a basal cell carcinoma about the size of a quarter hacked off my nose. The doctor let me listen to Alice Coltrane’s Journey in Satchidananda in the operating room, so it was appropriately chill. After two days of getting sliced and sewn back together (and using the doctor-mandated […]

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Reflecting on the Good Things That Happened on Discogs in 2020

vinyl record player spinning yellow

It’s been a long, loooong year, but here we are! At the end of all things — well, 2020, at least. Where to start with this upside-down year that began with apocalyptic fires in Australia and then absolutely ran with that wild attitude? Protests sprang up everywhere from Poland to Nigeria to Thailand to the […]

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The Most Desirable Releases of 2020 According to the Discogs Community

most desirable releases 2020

Rather than looking at the most-wanted releases on Discogs, we want to go a bit deeper. Instead, we’re surfacing some rare finds hunted by the more adventurous music seekers in the Discogs Community.   This is not a simple list of records enjoyed by music fans or those releases you’ve been meaning to get into […]

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The Biggest Highlights of the Discogs Database in 2020

database submission 2020 recap

Goodbye and good riddance to 2020! Here we are now with whatever vague hopefulness we might have felt at the beginning of the year now just a distant memory. I’ll save all the pablum about the pandemic and general mayhem that took place in 2020 and cut right to the chase: Discogs contributors found the […]

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In Memoriam: Cheers to the Musicians We Lost in 2020

musician deaths 2020

Important artists die all the time. That’s the unwritten contract we sign as fans of music: Someday, the person that made that song or album that meant so much to us will no longer be walking this planet. Most years, we can accept that bargain. But in 2020, a 12-month stretch that has felt like […]

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The Highest-Rated Releases of 2020 by the Discogs Community

highest rated releases 2020

If we were forced to give 2020 a rating, we would rate it nothing higher than 1/5. Who wants to argue? Didn’t think so.   And the only reason it gets 1 and not 0 is because at least we had music to help us through. Praise sweet baby Prince — we still had the […]

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When Album Covers Become Collectible Art

album cover collectible art

Some of the most iconic images of the 20th century can be found on album cover art, from the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band to the stark minimalism of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures. What constitutes a classic album cover is, of course down to personal taste, but many collectors frame albums on their wall, […]

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