The Film Collectors Who Risked Everything To Preserve Film History

We don’t know how easy we’ve got it. Film collecting these days is a pretty straight-forward process. You can simply roll up to the store to buy almost any of your favorite films on DVD or Blu-ray. Easier still, you open your laptop/turn on your computer and have access to films throughout history on a […]

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Richard Swift 1977-2018: A Guide To His Career

The world lost a renowned producer, sideman, and songwriter this morning when Richard Swift passed away at the age of 41. While venerated in the music industry — having worked with Damien Jurado, The Shins, Dan Auerbach, Foxygen, Lætitia Sadier, Nathaniel Rateliff and countless others — his output and influence are drastically under-appreciated in the […]

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Introducing ‘Tracks’ Pages for Artists on Discogs

Ever wanted to see all the tracks from a single artist on one page? To see all your favourite artist’s tracks you don’t have in your collection? To find a track you want on a specific format? Now you can. We’ve been working on a suite of new features to help surface more information about […]

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Crate Diggers Spotlight: Spätkauf With White Centipede Noise At A-Musik


Crate Diggers is all about supporting the record collecting community around the world. In the Crate Diggers Spotlight series we highlight record shops and their (local) initiatives to celebrate music and the record culture. This time, we want to put a-Musik and their monthly late night shopping event “Spätkauf” in the limelight. a-Musik record shop is […]

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The Discogs Guide to Record Stores in Calgary

We were in Calgary, AB, Canada at the beginning of May 2018 to attend the Calgary Music Collectors Show. This was our second time in the great city of Calgary, and we love attending the CMCS, as the local record collector community is very warm and welcoming. As usual, when we attend a record fair, […]

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How Many Books Are There In The World?

TL;DR – we can’t say exactly how many books there are in the world (though estimates are around 140ish million), but we’d like to catalog every single one in the Bookogs database. Hey, remember Bookogs – Discogs‘ scrappy little cousin? As Discogs is in its 18th year and has just hit the big 10 million releases […]

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Staff Picks: Farthest You’ve Traveled To Dig

Slowboat Records

The Discogs staff have traveled far and wide, from well-known vinyl hubs in the heart of downtown Tokyo and Detroit to local hotspots in Alaska and New Zealand. What all of these locales have in common is a shared sense of community. They act as gathering places where music fanatics from around the world can […]

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10 Million Releases on Discogs!

10,000,000 unique Releases in the Discogs database 🎉! In 2018 it seems totally normal that you can just hop online and find every release from pretty much every artist you can think of. Or  find out whether your copy of a record is valuable or not by comparing the matrix runout on yours with what […]

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Discogs Top 20 Most Wanted Cassettes Of All Time


Taking a break from records for a little bit to post about another format! Tapes are back, sorta! It’s no surprise that given the cost of making new records these days that cassettes would rear their head again for independent musicians. Here we have the most wanted cassettes in the database today. Some of these […]

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Digging For Soviet Grooves In Kiev

The New-East holds more mysteries for a Western-born person than its political and cultural situation might suggest. Record digging is definitely one of them! Limited to one state border for a long, Soviet, time, one would think that censorship and political omnipresence would prevent peculiar gems from seeing the light of day. Well, think again! […]

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