How to Make the Most of Record Store Day 2022 Online

Record Store Day is a celebration of the independent record store and its cultural impact, from hardcore collectors digging for rarities to vinyl newbies just starting their journey. When is Record Store Day 2022? Record Store Day is scheduled for April 23. In 2022, RSD is celebrating an impressive 15-year run. Historically, the main Record […]

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Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold on Discogs in February 2022

most expensive items sold on discogs february 2022

The monthly most expensive list is back and better than ever with some hard-to-find hard rock, classic punk, and one record filled with fake blood! Before getting to the blood-filled LP, let’s break down a few trends that the February 2022 list has surfaced. This month, there are two releases that made the list twice. […]

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Top 50 Best-Selling Records on Discogs in February 2022

best selling records february 2022

The February 2022 best-selling list is here and it’s full of essential reissues, artists that recently made headlines, and a few brand-new releases that the Community just couldn’t get enough of. As the latest installment of our best-selling series, this list has been determined by looking at how many purchases were made by Discogs users […]

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Arcade Fire’s Best Albums, According to the Discogs Community

arcade fire band photo

You probably saw the rumors circulating for the last few years that Arcade Fire were working on new material. With no firm release dates, a surprise single, and mysterious postcards mailed to fans, the speculation and anticipation have continued to steadily build. After five long years since 2017’s Everything Now, a new album has finally […]

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Important Discogs Marketplace Update 2022

close-up of spinning vinyl record with yellow color filter

Discogs connects music fans around the world. However, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine has affected how the Discogs Marketplace can support individual sellers and buyers. PayPal is the platform that processes all transactions in the Discogs Marketplace. Due to current events, PayPal announced that it has “suspended PayPal services in Russia.” Payments in Russia Because […]

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Quantity Field Automatically Relists Multiple Copies in Your Seller Inventory

sell records online computer

The Quantity field on the listing page allows you to list multiple copies of the same release at once rather than repeating the process for each item. For sellers with several copies of a release to sell — such as new releases — this optional field has the potential to save hours of inventory management […]

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How to Achieve Your Quest for Pure Sound

Technics SL-1200G turntable

Some terms have been used countless times over the years to describe a quality of sound or technical component of home audio gear. Other terms join the audiophile lexicon as trusted brands develop new ways to take audio technology to the next level. Technics is known for their legendary turntables, but their team of experts […]

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15 Million Releases Added to the Discogs Database

15 million releases

The Discogs Community has reached another milestone. Contributors have added more than 15 million releases to the Database! This is an extraordinary achievement — but what does that much music actually look like? After taking a closer look, Discogs determined that getting through all of the genres, styles, and formats represented in the database would […]

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Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold on Discogs in January 2022

Most Expensive January 2022

The January 2022 most expensive list has arrived and it features a few hefty box sets, releases from former Beatles, punk rarities, and a soundtrack for one of the ’70s most unforgettable animated films. A Rolling Stones box set, Led Zeppelin box set, and multiple Beatles box sets sold for higher than average prices in […]

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Discogs Makes It Easier for Sellers to Report on Taxes With New Transaction Data

Discogs transitioned to the new PayPal payment platform, which eliminated the need for monthly invoices. However, many sellers previously relied on the monthly invoice to track and report quarterly taxes. Discogs is introducing an updated Marketplace Transactions export that makes it easier to track sales and tax information for accounting, bookkeeping, and tax authorities. What […]

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