New feature – Willing to moderate tickbox in user preferences

We have added a new feature today in everyone’s [url=]user preferences section[/url], a tickbox called ‘Willing to moderate’. Currently, this is set to be UNTICKED, meaning if you would like to be considered to be a moderator, please go and tick this box now. Only moderators can see this selection in other users profiles. It […]

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Release Form Version 3 – Now Available for Testing! – UPDATE: 27-FEB

Greets all! I’ve just completed the new version of the release form (version 3). On the surface the form looks the same but it is drastically different in that all of the operations are client-based (using javascript). Adding tracks and fields no longer require a trip to the server. So it’s more like a mini-appication […]

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New editors Feb 2006

We added four new editors yesterday: [u=elisel] [u=sjcee] [u=onelittle] [u=Jairinho] This will probably be the final editor additions before we turn the editors loose as ‘site wide’ editors, hopefully sometime over the next couple of months.

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New roles added 25th January

I have added the following to the [url=]Credit List[/url]: Rap Jew’s Harp Chapman Stick Spoons Voice Actor Cymbal Bass Drum

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Blues and Non-Music added as new genres to Discogs!

[url=]Blues[/url] and [url=]Non-music[/url] have now been added as genres to Discogs expanding scope. We still have the pop, classical, and folk genres to add. There may also be another genre needed, this is still to be discussed with the mods, details as soon as we reach a conclusion!

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Electronic.Discogs credit guidelines updated

As of today, 9th of January, the credit guidelines for the electronic genre here at Discogs have been reviewed and brought into line with the guidelines for the rest of the genres. This means it is now possible to list the main artist as producer or for any other role. If you are updating an […]

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