Why You Should Listen to Robert Fripp’s Exposure Through Your Headphones

headphone experience robert fripp exposure

For many years, Robert Fripp has served as an introduction to rock’s more avant-garde side of the street. Back in the day, his work with King Crimson represented something decidedly more odd than a lot of other progressive rock that had leaked into the mainstream. I grew up listening to an older brother’s King Crimson […]

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Led Zeppelin III Has the Best Opening Track Ever

led zeppelin iii

When Led Zeppelin’s third album was released 50 years ago, it was greeted with a combination of enthusiasm and bewilderment. Why had the stacks of face-melting Marshalls been traded for a 12-string acoustic? Bandleader Jimmy Page was so infuriated by reviews of his folksy left turn that he refused to talk to the press for […]

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The Most Collected Cassettes of All Time

cassette tape player jensen

There are now over 13 million releases cataloged in the Discogs Database. Over 1 million of those are cassettes. The good ol’ fashioned tape is not as sought-after as vinyl, obviously, but the format is experiencing a resurgence in popularity recently thanks to reissues, new releases, and famous originals. Unlike the most-wanted cassettes on Discogs, […]

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How to Make the Most of Cassette Week 2020

cassette week

Cassette Week (formerly Cassette Store Day) is confirmed for October 11-17, 2020. Here’s everything you need to know. What is Cassette Week? Cassette Week is the evolution of Cassette Store Day. Started in 2013 by a handful of UK-based labels as an answer to Record Store Day for the cassette-collecting community, in recent years Cassette […]

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The Most Wanted Cassettes of All Time

cassette tape blank

It’s been over 40 years since the first Sony Walkman was available to consumers in Japan. Finally, there was a way to listen to music on the go. Carrying a stack of cassettes and spare batteries was a bit more of a hassle though. Although cassettes have not experienced the same resurgence in popularity that […]

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20 Years Later, Radiohead’s Kid A is 2020 in a Nutshell

radiohead kid a 20th anniversar

View Kid A on Discogs If someone told you 20 years ago that a stark, alienating sonic experiment about anxiety attacks and dissociative response told the future, would you believe them? In so many ways, Radiohead’s fourth studio album was a prophecy. Eschewing guitars for modular synths and Cubase, the accidental rock gods forged a […]

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The Top 100 Discogs Contributors of 2020 (So Far)

record stack vinyl covers old

Every time you add a Release to the Discogs Database, you’re helping build the largest database of music that has ever existed, contributing to a cultural archive of music history. Hitting 13 million releases in early September was no small task. Even with the huge rush of submissions that came when worldwide lockdowns first started […]

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The Most Popular Albums on Discogs in September 2020

most popular albums september 2020

September was busy — for record collectors, that is. We’re seeing a lot of new releases in our monthly roundup of the most popular albums, which is ranked by how many people added the record to their Collection on Discogs. To be included on each genre-specific list, the album must have been dropped in 2020 […]

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Our Shipping Policies Timeline Has Been Extended to November 1

We know the Discogs Seller community around the world has been working hard to set up Shipping Policies and we are thankful for your efforts. The response has been incredible and we are seeing major growth in shipping policy utilization. We also know many of you could benefit from having more time to finish setting […]

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The Second Weekend of Record Store Day 2020 Was Still Pretty Big for Shops

record store day september 2020 recap

Another wave of Record Store Day has come and gone. Unlike the 13 previous Record Store Days, which offered a single in-store drop each April, the 2020 version boasts three socially distant events throughout the fall. This past Saturday, September 26, was the second of the RSD trio. While the September version was not as […]

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