Portland Crate Diggers 2018 Recap

August 25th marked the fifth (!!!) installment of Crate Diggers Portland, presented by Discogs, at the White Owl Social Club. It was a successful day for lovers of great music on wax with 24 vendors selling their finest records and a collection of amazing daytime DJs!   We were stoked to have so many passionate […]

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Weird Formats: What Is UMD And Why Haven’t You Heard Of It?

Ghost In The Shell promo UMD

Happening upon a something in the database that’s familiar in title, yet foreign in format is still a great source of joy for many of us in the database communities. You get so used dropping the needle on a record, or a DVD into the drive, you kind of forget about the history and stories of […]

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Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold In Discogs Marketplace For July 2018

The Fly-Bi-Nites

June 2018 was an especially eventful month for our Top 30. Yes, our all-time record was smashed by an extremely rare Canadian copy of Prince’s Black Album. You normally hear the news directly from us, but this time, you might have heard it from different media outlets. But well, another month, another Top 30! Even […]

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How To Contribute To Discogs

September at Discogs means SPIN, our annual drive to fill Discogs with Releases not yet in the Database. This article provides a basic overview of how Discogs is built by our users and how to Contribute. It focuses on how to make new submissions but it’s essential reading even if you have nothing new to submit […]

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Bob Seger’s Rarest Records

If you’re of a certain age, Bob Seger was omnipresent in your life. The main cause, of course, was Chevrolet’s 13-year Like A Rock ad campaign. Thousands upon thousands of TV spots turned Seger into a legitimate cultural institution. We played that song at my dad’s funeral, but not because he liked it. My family played it […]

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Crate Diggers Spotlight: Second Hand Records NYC

The Discogs community is and has always been a collaborative effort, and we take pride in supporting our sellers. Last year, Discogs took Crate Diggers events around the world and as a result, we’ve launched a new series via the Crate Diggers brand that has a simple mission: Highlight record stores and our music collecting community worldwide.  For this […]

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Depeche Mode Before Their New Life: A Look at ‘Speak & Spell’

Discussions of Depeche Mode usually center around things like the new wave combo’s popularization of industrial textures, their pervasive cultural influence, or their myriad moody hits. Not as much time is spent on the band’s early Vince Clarke-driven synth-pop days and the first record they produced, Speak & Spell. In fact, most casual fans would […]

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Record Palace Amsterdam Celebrates 30th Anniversary In Paradiso


If your record shop celebrates its 30th anniversary and is based across the street from Amsterdam’s iconic music venue Paradiso, then it’s clear where to throw the anniversary party! That’s what some of Record Palace owner Jan van Dorsten’s friends thought too. They planned the event at Paradiso before telling him and worked on getting […]

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I Done Kicked ’Em Out: Wayne Kramer on the MC5’s Early Days, 50 Years Later

Half a century after the MC5 recorded Kick Out the Jams live at the Grande Ballroom in Detroit, guitarist Wayne Kramer is still going strong. He’s marking the anniversary — and celebrating the spirit of the Motor City Five — in many ways. Throughout the fall, he’ll head up the MC50 tour, featuring an all-star […]

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Huge Haul: 4,500 7″ Vinyl Records For Contribution (And Growing!)

Of course, most people don’t have a few thousand Releases to submit, but if you have anything at all not yet on Discogs then September is the time to get it in. For this year’s SPIN Campaign we’re trying to reach 150,000 Submissions in September, and to get as many new Asian, Latin American, Shellac, Cassette […]

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