Top 5 Listening Bars In The UK


Long gone are the days where club sound systems reign supreme. In recent years we’ve seen a wave of obsession-fuelled, hi-fidelity sound installed in cafés and bars across the UK. Paving the way for sound and music conscious diggers to enjoy records in more comfortable surrounds. Since their infamous inception in Japan, listening bars’ primary […]

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Discogs Presents An Amsterdam Record Fair As Part Of ADE Hangover 2019!


We’re excited to announce that we have once again teamed up with Amsterdam Dance Event and Into The Woods to bring you Discogs Presents an Amsterdam Record Fair as part of ADE Hangover 2019! Discogs Presents an Amsterdam Record Fair will be part of ADE Hangover, on Sunday the 20th of October. The Hangover is […]

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Welcome To The Dawn… The Versace Experience

A kaleidoscope of voices say, “Welcome to the dawn. You’ve just accessed … The Versace Experience.” Synthetic wind sounds and echoing clangs swell, surrounding you. The voices return: “You’ve just accessed The Versace Experience. You’ve just accessed The Versace Experience. You’ve just accessed…” They speed up in layered incantations: “Courtship. Sex. Commitment. Fetishes. Loneliness.” Repeat. […]

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Unearthing OG Boogie, Melodies Meets Don Blackman


Queens native, pianist, singer, songwriter and 80s soul hero Don Blackman created arguably one of the greatest soul LPs of his generation in the self-titled, Blackman. 2019 has thankfully seen, by a domino of chance, his slept on 2002 boogie cut “Just Can’t Stay Away” re-emerge via London reissuers Melodies International. Cutting his teeth as […]

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S.P.IN. 2019 Halfway Report

We are already halfway through the Discogs September Pledge Initative (S.P.IN.). After 15 days, we are about 40% of the way to the lofty goal of saving 150,000 releases in the Database. You can find the current submission tally, latest submissions, and the top 10 contributors for the month on the 2019 S.P.IN. leaderboard page. […]

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The Discogs Top 50 Best Selling Records Of July 2019


What’s this? Arabic music? Underground 12”s? A 3” record? July clearly was a breath of fresh air. This list is chock full of amazing gems from this past summer and definitely worth digging into. For once in a very long time this list was hard to finish as I just kept getting sucked into listening […]

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Interview With The Top Ambient And Drone Contributor On Discogs

At the top of u/Andi242’s profile, you will find lyrics from Kraftwerk’s song “Antenne”: Wir richten Antennen ins Firmament, empfangen die Töne, die niemand kennt. This roughly translates to, We direct antennas into the sky, receive the sounds nobody knows. You would be hard-pressed to find a better representation of the pioneering work of this […]

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1995-1996: Prince, Emancipated

Lou Reed wrote “My week beats your year” in the liner notes of 1975’s shocking Metal Machine Music. More than two decades later, Prince attempted to best that record: his year beats your entire concept of time itself. In 1996, finally wresting himself from his souring contract with longtime label Warner Bros. Records, Prince (or […]

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Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes Documentary

Blue Note has always been more than a record label. For 80 years it has been an ideal made reality and, at its peak, the incendiary center of the jazz universe. Sophie Huber’s new documentary, “Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes,” is a sharply-drawn distillation of the label’s impact and importance as it celebrates its […]

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10 Video Game Soundtracks More Expensive Than Caviar

Nostalgia is a wild beast. In the few last months, we have written about how different formats and genres are currently experiencing a revival. In addition to the now well-established vinyl revival, we recently established clear trends of increasing prices in the markets for high-end cassettes and expensive CDs. And we’re not only speaking about […]

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