Celebrating International Women’s Day: Top 10 Best Selling Female Artists on Discogs

Celebrating International Women's Day with Patti Smith's album, Horses

In celebration of International Woman’s Day, we decided to do a top 10 list of most collected records from solo female musicians. Digging through the most collected records on Discogs looking for female artists is quite a depressing exercise. With the exception of Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac and Nico with The Velvet […]

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Digging in Tokyo: Tower Records

Tower Records Shibuya

Yep, that’s right –  Tower Records still exists! Not only does a Tower Records still exist in Tokyo, but it’s freaking huge. Nine stories to be exact. Ten if you count their basement performance venue. Tower Records, Shibuya is actually one of the biggest music retail outlets in the world. The nine-story shop is approximately 5,000 square […]

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Updates To The Discogs Marketplace Sales & Transaction Policy

We Have Updated Our Marketplace Sales & Transaction Policy The goal of this update is to set our users up for success by spelling out what is required when placing an order, creating seller terms, and handling order disputes. The updated policy is effective as of today. However, we are allowing Discogs Sellers until the […]

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Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold In Discogs Marketplace For January 2019

2018 was quite an insane year for Discogs. Last year, both the most expensive album and the most expensive single ever were sold in the Discogs Marketplace. The trend was so clear over the last year that we even analyzed the phenomenon here. January isn’t normally a crazy month for… well, for anything pretty much. And January […]

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10 Of The Best Shoegaze Records

Before I even begin to construct this list of musical monuments, let me just state that the music style of shoegaze is a tricky one. It’s an institution held close to many, and there are so many other influences that flit in and out of the heart and soul of the discipline that we are […]

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Discogs Presents 24 Hours of Vinyl Record Fair

24 Hours of Vinyl 2019

Created in 2011 in Montreal by the good folks behind the Music Is My Sanctuary website, the 24 Hours of Vinyl event has since travelled to cities like London, San Francisco, Paris, and New York, where it brings DJs, record collectors and music lovers together. Discogs is proud to present the record fair portion of […]

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The Discogs Guide To Taipei Record Shops (Taiwan)

Ni Hao! In late January, the Discogs crew went to Taipei, Taiwan to attend the Red Bull Music 3Style World Finals IX and partner up for an after-party, the Bastid’s BBQ. As you may know, Taipei is one of the most popular tourist cities in Asia, however vinyl culture and record shops over there have […]

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Bizarre Releases On Discogs, January 2019

  In April 2018 Earjerk started a thread in the Discogs Database Forum asking Contributors to list their noteworthy or curious additions to the database: “Post your interesting new additions to the database here…” Here’s the best of the bunch from January 2019. Next time you add something weird, wonderful, rare or noteworthy in any way, share it in that […]

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Discogs Database In Review: January 2019

What a kick-off to the new year: total contributions to Discogs were up 14% on December 2018. Perhaps that’s not such a surprise given that January is always one of the busiest months for the Contributor Community, but it still represents a lot of hard work. Big, big shout out to Diognes_The_Fox, who made his 50,000th Submission to […]

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The Biggest Discogs Contributors Of 2018

Every year tens of thousands of people contribute their time and effort to the Discogs project: trying to build the biggest and most comprehensive music Database that has ever existed; a site with discographies of all Labels and all Artists, all cross-referenced, free and open to the public forever. But as any one of these people […]

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