The Most Popular Soundtracks in Christopher Nolan Movies

most popular soundtracks christopher nolan movies

Depending on whether your love of movies can match your love of vinyl, it may surprise you to know that Christopher Nolan has only directed 11 feature-length films. Considering the success of the acclaimed director, best-known for the Christian Bale-led Batman trilogy and sci-fit hits such as Interstellar and Inception, it’s hard to believe that […]

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Three Reissues That Illuminate South African Jazz During Apartheid

we are busy bodies south african jazz reissues

There’s a South African jazz album that’s easily as important as John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme, but hardly anybody in North America knows about it. And if not for a white, 37-year-old Canadian man, it might have stayed that way for years. One day, Seton Hawkins, the director of public programs and education resources at […]

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The Brave New (Old) World of Cutting Vinyl on a Lathe

american vinyl co lathe 10 inch

When I was younger, I always wanted to have my own record shop (or my own vintage clothing store, if truth be told). It seemed like the ultimate dream job: be around music and music lovers all day long while having the opportunity to debate and solve such long-disputed quandaries as Roth Vs. Hagar. And […]

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Guided by Voices Enjoys a Self-Contained Business Model. Can It Withstand a Global Pandemic?

guided by voices band

Guided by Voices routinely perform three-hour shows and slug out multiple albums per year, but last New Year’s Eve, the cult rock band pulled off a feat remarkable even for them: a 100-song, four-and-a-half-hour blowout at Los Angeles’s Teragram Ballroom. Their first gig of 2020 turned out to be their last. When COVID-19 grounded live […]

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Dave Lee’s First 7 Records: The Foundation of Z Records

dave lee artist

“People say I first heard Larry Levan play it. I first heard it in Boots, Colchester” A true originator and statesman of the United Kingdom’s house and disco scene for over three decades, Dave Lee celebrates 30 years of his label, Z Records, in 2020. All this time, he has been producing seminal singles, remixing, […]

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Noodle from Gorillaz Chats About Her Record Collection and Shares a Playlist

noodle gorillaz playlist record collection interview

Noodle knows a thing or two about confinement. Near the advent of the Gorillaz, she arrived at the band’s headquarters in a crate. Nowadays, the four walls of her quarantine, Kong Studios, are much larger than a simple box. Noodle and the rest of the crew — Russel, 2-D, and Murdoc (along with flesh-and-blood members […]

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Blue Note’s Don Was on the Classic Vinyl Reissue Series and Stewarding a Record that Saved His Life

blue note classic vinyl series

Decades before the dark glasses and the wide-brimmed hat and the shock of black hair; before he produced Van Morrison, Ringo Starr, and the Rolling Stones; Don Was was a 19-year-old music obsessive with no clear prospects. “I dropped out of music school, but the only gig I could get was playing bass with a […]

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5 Modern K-Pop Delights, From BTS to DEUX

bts band dynamite release

Until recently, K-pop was a musical style closer to radio rather than records (and even closer to YouTube). There may be some bias involved, but there’s no reason we can’t listen to K-pop on vinyl. Here are five releases that reveal the colorful characteristics of current K-pop as modern delights. You can read this article […]

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The Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold on Discogs in October 2020

most expensive on discogs october 2020

Discogs is back with another monthly breakdown of the most expensive vinyl, cassettes, and CDs sold in the Discogs Marketplace. As usual, we can see some of the classic acts whose records regularly rank on this roundup, such as rarities from the likes of Prince, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Minor Threat. Bucking that trend, however, is a […]

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The Best Albums of 2020

best albums of 2020

Here we are with the final installment of Discogs’ year-long look at the albums that you, the community, have told us are the most desirable from the first year of each decade. It all started with 1970, when Led Zeppelin III was the surprise winner, and has continued until this grand finale. We have combed […]

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