Speaker Buying Guide

Here’s a hard pill to swallow: The speakers playing your music often matter more than the vinyl it is on. To get the most dynamic range from your records an investment in a decent pair of speakers is a must. With so many options, it can be hard to cut through the noise and find […]

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Brian Eno Albums Ranked By Most Collected, Wanted, And Expensive

For the past five decades, Brian Eno has been a persistent force in music through his groundbreaking solo releases and behind the scenes work as a producer of numerous iconic albums. Collaborating with legends such as David Byrne, Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Grace Jones, even Bono, he has cultivated a catalog of excellence that will no […]

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Sound Investment: What We Know About The High-End Vinyl Market

In the last 12 months of sales, a handful of downright eye-popping transactions happened in the Discogs Marketplace. Five records broke the $10,000 plateau, which happened only once before in the site’s history! There were two promo copies of The Beatles’ Love Me Do, an unreleased Sex Pistols single, a Japanese Pink Floyd album (surprisingly […]

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The Discogs Top 50 Best Selling Records Of September 2018

I’m proud to announce a new age of individualism! After some internal discussion, I’ve decided to make some changes to how the top 50 is tabulated. This should hopefully be seen by you as a significant improvement in most regards. When I initially wrote the tabulation script, I decided to aim as closely to established […]
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Discogs Mix 77 – Silverlining


To some, the name Silverlining might invoke hazy scenes during the 1990s of rumbling bass lines, flickering high hats, and dubbed out vocals in cavernous underground spaces. For those hearing it for the first time, there is a freshness and authenticity that emerges from his trademark aesthetic. Clearly, the Silverlining sound has withstood the test […]

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Discogs iOS App 2.1 – Improved Interface And Credit Card Payments

Discogs iOS App 2

Haven’t tried our app yet? Download the Official Discogs iOS App now! After announcing some major improvements to the Android app a few weeks ago, we’re now ready to show the new Discogs iOS app 2.1 to the world! Discover what is new and how it can help you have the best Discogs experience possible.  The […]

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The Discogs Guide To Utrecht Record Shops

Utrecht Record Shops Map

Utrecht is known for the Dom tower, the terraces on the wharves around the canals, and Dick Bruna’s famous creation Nijntje (Miffy). And twice a year, the city of Utrecht turns into the record capital of the world. In April and November thousands of record collectors travel to the center of the Netherlands to visit the […]

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Five Of 2018’s Best Box Sets, All Ready For Your Wantlist

The holiday season is around the corner. You know what that means: It’s time to put up with Aunt Carol at dinner, hear Little Drummer Boy roughly five million times, read about Starbucks cups on Facebook (ugh, Aunt Carol!), and deal with all your friends’ ironic ugly sweaters. Most importantly though, it means stuffing your […]

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Staff Picks: Favorite Holiday Releases

Favorite Holiday Releases

The Holiday season: You either can’t wait for the radio to start playing endless lists of sugary songs about snow, fire places and red-nosed reindeers, or you can’t wait for the radio to stop playing them. There seems to be nothing in between. Until now that is. Because it turns out that our list of […]

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U.S. WEBINAR: How To Save Time And Money With Discogs Shipping Labels

Our second webinar is here! And we’re beyond ecstatic to share what you can expect from this new chance to step up your Discogs sales game. Shipping logistics can be time consuming and expensive. The Discogs Shipping labels service is designed to make this process easier while cutting down on certain postage costs. Join us […]

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