Crate Minds: Meet Andy From Disc Covery Records!

Andy Halstead Disc Covery Records

In our Crate Minds series, we highlight the people behind the Discogs accounts. Andy Halstead from Disc Covery Records has been selling online and at record fairs for years. You more than likely dug through one (and probably more) of Andy’s crates if you have ever been to a record fair in England, France, Germany, […]

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2019 Q1 Global and Regional Report

Global Australia Brazil Canada Denmark France Germany Italy Mexico Norway South Korea Sweden UK US 2019 Q1 Global and Regional Report Today we’re breaking down data from Q1 of 2019 in the Discogs Database and Discogs Marketplace. This time around though, we decided to dig a little deeper than usual. In addition to looking at […]
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Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold In Discogs Marketplace For March 2019

Cherry Five, aka Goblin

Last month, we had a chance to meet The Sonics – and no, they weren’t the band you already knew. Fascinating how unearthing old records can also help unearth the history and graphic material related to the bands who created thoem. With this in mind, we couldn’t be more excited to reveal that this month’s […]

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Introducing Crate Diggers Brighton Sellers: Near Mint!

Near Mint Crate Diggers Brighton 2019

With only a few days to go until Crate Diggers Brighton, it’s time to introduce some more sellers joining us at The Brighton Centre! Crate Diggers’ special guests Near Mint launched their first record fair in London last year and will be coming to Brighton with many of their sellers this Saturday. The Near Mint […]

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Ten Artists To Listen To On Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a remembrance of the Mexican army’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War. It’s only a minor holiday in Mexico, with banks and federal offices remaining open. However, in the United States, the holiday is widely regarded as an opportunity to shine a light on the […]

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DJs Bringing Their Gems To Crate Diggers Brighton

Crate Diggers Brighton

Our largest Crate Diggers Record Fair to date, Crate Diggers Brighton, is coming up May 11! The Brighton Centre will be home for a day to record sellers and collectors from all over the UK – and a few from mainland Europe. It’s all about thanking the Discogs community and celebrating record culture together, so […]

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Discogs Database In Review: Most Prolific Artist On Discogs?

Looking at daily activity in March, the total number of contributions to the Discogs Database was flat compared with February, which is consistent with past years. The most noticeable change in monthly patterns was a big spike in the number of YouTube videos added to release pages, and a dip in the number of artist […]

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The Most Epic Marvel Music Moments

Fanboys and girls worldwide lost their minds as Avengers: Endgame arrived in theaters, wrapping up the most ambitious, sprawling, and successful storyline in movie history. That bastard Thanos was taken down, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe was changed forever. Over the course of the 22 movies that comprise the MCU, there has consistently been expert, […]

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Ultimate Rave: How Prince Partied When It Was Actually 1999

Think back, if you dare, to the world of 1999. No, not Prince’s magnificent double album—the real 1999. Pop music was way in, from Britney to Backstreet, and the “Latin explosion” propelled rising stars like Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez toward the top of the charts. All summer long, we watched the Yankees clinch their […]

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Inside Vinyl Me, Please’s Exclusive Jazzhead Club

Over the last year, Vinyl Me, Please has ratcheted up its game for rabid record collectors. Whether it’s the ever-increasing number of exclusive variants, the addition of their Classics subscription track, or introducing the world to mostly-unheard gems, they’re flexing these days. That said, it all pales in comparison to their latest large project: a […]

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