A New Way To Explore Discogs Lists

Explore Discogs Lists

The Discogs Database contains the entire documented history of recorded music — or at least we’re working toward that every day, getting a little closer thanks to our dedicated community. However, raw data doesn’t always tell the whole story. It can go a long way toward understanding music history, but with so much data splayed […]

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Think Your Job Is Tough? Try Writing A Music Biography

The role of the rock biographer is a multidisciplinary one. You’re not just a writer. You’re a detective, historian, networker, archaeologist, and interrogator. You’re the reader’s backstage pass. You stand between the perception of these people crafted through their music and image, and the truth. It’s not just the many hats the biographer has to […]

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Music Magazines Are Our Portal To The Past; Their Survival Is Vital

Why read an album review when you can stream it on release day and make up your own mind? Why read an interview in a magazine when you can @ pretty much anyone and ask them anything — or just scroll through their Twitter feed? Why seek out a gig guide when you can click […]

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Y’all I’m Back, And They Let Me Go To Europe, Too

We replaced Fox’s coffee with Folgers Crystals on a recent trip to Europe. Let’s see if they noticed. The following is an account to some varying degree of accuracy. The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of the Discogs or its related entities. I woke up on the floor in […]

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How Music Books Helped Build Discogs

What does this well-worn edition of Goldmine Standard Catalog Of American Records have to do with the Discogs Database? Ask Discogs’ most prolific contributor and resident expert, Discographies Specialist Brent Greissle (better known by contributors as Diognes_The_Fox). As the proud contributor of over 50,000 items to the Discogs database, he knows a thing or two […]

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Discogs Database In Review: Which Country Has The Most Expensive Music?

It’s nearing the middle of the year, and we’re seeing the seasons in full swing via the number of submissions to the Discogs Database. Submissions are down, but total contributions were actually not as low as in previous years, buoyed by a stable number of Release edits, as well as increases in Artist edits and […]

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Why Do Music Books Matter, And What Do They Have To Do With Discogs?

Submit music books to the Bookogs database

Music is an experience. It’s a vehicle to another dimension. It pokes and pulls at you right in the feelings. Why would you read about music, when you can listen to it? In his 33⅓ book on Big Star’s Radio City, Bruce Eaton posits that the scarcity of information surrounding the band actually helped him […]

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Crate Diggers: From Brighton To The Big Apple

Just over a month after our first Crate Diggers Record Fair in Brighton, UK, the memory of the event, the city, the laid back vibe, and the wonderful people we met still brings a big smile to our faces. The idea behind Crate Diggers is fairly simple: Discogs started organizing free entry record fairs a […]

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Crate Minds: Mathias Gordon Of Recordsale-de

In our Crate Minds series, we highlight the people behind the Discogs accounts. This time we would like to introduce you to Berlin based recordsale-de. They have an incredible stock of 1,200,000(!) items, most of which are offered on Discogs. We asked CEO Mathias Gordon about the story behind their Discogs account. Can you give […]

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Important Information About US Sales Tax Changes For Discogs Sellers

Changes to sales tax laws

In June 2018, a US Supreme Court decision ruled that physical presence in a state was no longer required for a state to impose sales tax obligations on retailers. Simply put, if a company does business in a state via an online business, it can be required to collect taxes. With this ruling, Marketplace Facilitator […]

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