Interview With The Top Contributor Of Heavy Metal on Discogs

During this year’s annual S.P.IN submission drive, we are talking to some of the most prolific contributors to the Discogs Database. We reached out to some highly-specialized contributors, such as u/heavymetalmuseum. As his username implies, he is a Heavy Metal connoisseur who sits at the top of the list for Heavy Metal submissions on Discogs. […]

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In Conversation With Danny Krivit

Danny Krivit

Ahead of Danny Krivit’s all vinyl 7-Inch 45 set and mini record fair in Brooklyn on September 12, we sat down with the seminal New York DJ to talk about growing up with Nile Rodgers, the legacy of the Loft and picture cover obsessions. “I’m sorry,” says Danny Krivit laughing as he pulls out box […]

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Crate Digging In Milan For A Day

Mappa dei negozi di dischi a Milano, Italia.

With so many reasons to visit and so many cultural highlights on offer, it is no surprise to learn that Milan is also a great place to search for records. If you are as fortunate as I was to find yourself with a day to scour the streets for some wax, or you are thinking […]

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Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold In Discogs Marketplace For July 2019

Royksopp album, with artwork from Banksy

It’s happening again, folks! Life is full of coincidences. As I’m writing this, Melody A.M. by Röyksopp is turning 18. At the age of eighteen, in most countries, you can get ready to vote for the first time, drink your first beer, be part of a popular jury, move out of your parents’ house… Life is exciting […]

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A Crate Digger’s Guide To Edinburgh Record Shops

The Scottish capital is simply stunning, from medieval lanes to mountainous surrounds shadowed by the beautiful Edinburgh Castle. Beneath Edinburgh’s historically drenched touristic wow-factor lies a diggers treasure trove, with a plethora of record shops scattered across the city that will keep all types of collectors busy. Last week we went on an Irn-Bru powered […]

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The Truth: An Interview With Connecticut Studio And Label Owner Tom Sokira

Part I: Preface It began with a list. Scratch that: it began ten years prior with a box of late 70’s / early 80’s VG arena rock in a good friend’s bedroom and what I thought was going to be an at best vaguely listenable local Christian folk record. When we brought it back to […]

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Help Discogs Preserve Music History

September at Discogs means S.P.IN, the September Pledge INitiative: our annual drive to fill Discogs with Releases not yet in the Database. This year, we are attempting to add 150,000 new Releases to the Database. The Discogs mission is to make the world’s biggest and most comprehensive music database: a site with discographies of all […]

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The New Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB Hits The Sweet Spot

The new Pro-Ject T1 series of turntables is the Austrian company’s latest addition to its budget line, which is filled with turntables $500 and below. But the three T1 models are Pro-Ject’s purest expressions of an entry-level product, designed to appeal to vinyl fans who like to keep things cheap and simple. We’re taking a […]

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How Music Films & Biopics Are Affecting Music Sales

Music films seem inescapable at the moment. Granted, as a music fan, I deliberately put them in my line of vision, many of these films are geared towards fans and non-fans of the artist alike, or even of that particular music genre. Record execs are likely taking note of the incredible achievement of Queen biopic, […]

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Seven Tips For New Record Sellers On Discogs

Are you new to Discogs? Perhaps you are thinking about selling some records, CDs or cassettes on the world’s largest physical music marketplace. There are millions of completed orders each year on Discogs from sellers around the world. We’ve reached out to some of the most prolific sellers to learn about how they successfully use […]

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