The Hall of Mirrors: 10 Songs That Sample Kraftwerk

Kraftwerk’s co-founder Florian Schneider viewed his musical project as open-ended, egoless, a plane of unending bandwidth. “We are not the band. I am me. [Co-founder] Ralf [Hütter] is Ralf. And Kraftwerk is a vehicle for our ideas,” he told Rolling Stone in 1975. “We don’t make a distinction between an acoustic instrument as a source […]

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Keep Some Steady Friends Around: 15 Albums On Drag City You Need To Hear

Name a warped singer-songwriter that the mainstream won’t take but who makes your life colorful and tolerable: chances are they’re on Drag City. Because the Chicago label’s commitment to the weird hasn’t wavered — despite being in the game for three decades. “What we do, however much it may be rooted in passing youthful fancy, […]

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Looking At Yourself From the Outside: An Interview with Margaret Glaspy

It’s a strange and scary time to be a musician in New York City, but singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy is looking at the silver lining in these strange times. “It’s like the ultimate domestication,” she says from her apartment that she shares with her partner, jazz guitarist Julian Lage. “We’re touring musicians that are perpetually on […]

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May The Fourth Be With You: A Guide To Star Wars On Discogs

Star Wars is one of the undisputed greatest classic trilogies of movies of all times. The subsequent Droids & Ewoks cartoons were pretty rad too. The holiday special. Looking back, it’s amazing that these classics were preserved and untouched by revisionist edits, bad CGI upgrades, and other mistakes that often taint “remasters” of classic films. […]

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Remembering Tony Allen: 10 Drum Performances You Need To Hear

Don’t think of Afrobeat as music in a vacuum, the product of one far-flung culture, a vague synonym with “world music.” Take it from Tony Allen, who helped define the style with his electrifying drumming. “Afrobeat has many different grooves. Afrobeat is not actually one particular beat,” he explained to The Quietus in 2012. “I […]

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A Guide To Car Seat Headrest’s Pre-Fame Bandcamp Era

Car Seat Headrest

Most indie upstarts would give their fretting hand for Car Seat Headrest’s origin story: a college-aged kid strums into a laptop in his parents’ 2000 Toyota Sienna, hits it big on Bandcamp, signs a deal with Matador Records, and summarily rocks Madison Square Garden. But for a time, the band’s leader and sole constant member […]

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Counter Culture: Sound Station, An Institution Still Standing Strong

Sound Station Header

Sound Station is one of the longest standing brick-and-mortar shops in Denmark. Its owners and employees are friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and of course passionate about music – whether your drug is vinyl, CD, cassette, or memorabilia – you’ll find it here. With over 200.000 items in stock and 50.000 on Discogs, it’s no wonder that […]

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New Release Submissions Drop Following Supply Chain Disruptions

So far the 2000s edition of the roaring 20s has been anything but. The effects of the pandemic have been wide-reaching, touching nearly everything you can think of. The music world is no exception. For the past few years, the Discogs Database has indicated a steady increase in the volume of new releases put out […]

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A Love Letter to Colombia: An Interview with Lido Pimienta

Lido Pimienta is an artist of contrasting edges. But perhaps, her most unique ability is to push toward the future of pop music, and honor the musical folklore of her ancestors. Following her 2017 win of Canada’s Polaris Music Prize for her sophomore album La Papessa — a first for a non-English language album — […]

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The Staying Power Of The Eurythmics “Be Yourself Tonight”

Eurythmics Be Yourself Tonight 35

You can honestly count on your fingers (and maybe your toes too, if you are being generous) the number of bands who have several albums that are now timeless records- Albums that could have been put out fifty years ago or today- it doesn’t matter. The ideas, the innovation, the lyrics, and arrangements are fresh […]

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