POP genre added!

We have just turned on the [url=http://pop.discogs.com/]Pop genre[/url] here at Discogs. It’s been a bit of a funny one for styles this is the following style list:

Music Hall

I am expecting a LOT of pop entries to not have a style under pop, but to have another genre (such as rock, hip hop, electronic etc) with possibly a style under that genre. Please don’t be afraid to mix ‘n’ match the genres and styles until you get a reasonable description of the music you are adding. You can leave any requests or discussion about other styles in this thread for the time being.

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  • Mar 19,2014 at 00:58

    awesome :)

    high quality cd duplication and replication

  • Apr 14,2006 at 09:16

    Back to the parody “style”: I see it’s available under the “Rock” and “Pop” genres, and that’s fine for most… I guess.

    Has anyone heard Bob Rivers’ “When a man loves a chicken” version of the old Percy Sledge classic?

    @[u=nik]: Shouldn’t parody be made available under all genres: Blues, Funk, Latin, Hip-Hop, Classical, etc?
    Or howzabout the old “checkbox” idea again…

  • Apr 4,2006 at 11:45

    ^^ “Traditional / Folk” is the term that has my vote.

    Ah, and speaking of the Pop genre: We’re missing “Bubblegum” as a style.
    Any other takers on this?

  • Apr 3,2006 at 16:14

    Heh [i]Any actual Africans here to back me up? N’giyabonga, thank you![/i]

    They come, they look for music they like, can’t find it, shout “Cultural Imperialists” and depart..

    Well, worldbeat is better than “Traditional/ Folk” for sure…

  • Apr 3,2006 at 10:49


  • Apr 3,2006 at 10:37

    i have some releases resubmitted after they were rejected in pop. let’s see

  • Apr 2,2006 at 16:22

    [i]Just because its played by an African doesn’t make it “traditional” – and so then it kind of has to go into “Pop”[/i]
    Spot on. And there it shall be called “Afro-Pop”, please.

    Any actual Africans here to back me up? N’giyabonga, thank you!

  • Mar 29,2006 at 15:32

    Just on the Pop vs World debate…

    If we have a genre called “World”, then African Pop can go there (yes, there are lots of problems with the term “World” but it means something to most record buyers)

    If we have a genre called “Traditional/ Folk” (as I understand is the likely outcome) then it can’t unless it is actually traditional or folk. Just because its played by an African doesn’t make it “traditional” – and so then it kind of has to go into “Pop”

  • Mar 29,2006 at 15:28

    Well folks, I thought I’d try adding some African pop music under the pop genre to see how it went (I don’t think its rock, I don’t think its jazz, and I think calling it “traditional” just cos its from Africa and doesn’t follow the structures of Western music is patronizing) [r=649503]

    But the moderator wants a style…and we don’t have one…what to do?

  • Mar 28,2006 at 14:50

    What about turbo-folk!? I didn’t know this term was known outside my coutry (Serbia) (which is, unfortunately, flooded with this kind of music for decades now!)…

  • Mar 26,2006 at 13:41

    Again, I’m not much of a fan of the Pop genre as it is represented here, and I’m certainly not a fan of the term “African Pop”, that’s a MAJOR NO-NO!
    I’d rather go for Afro-Pop, and then only if we stick it under “Pop”, certainly not “World/Folk”.
    Sorry MONK, slight ethnic influences of western pop/rock/jazz structures do not “traditional” ethnic music make.

  • Mar 26,2006 at 10:21

    but african pop should go in under World / Folk not pop!

  • Mar 26,2006 at 10:20

    it IS a Pop / folk music crossover sytle. you won’t need to add German Pop. but considering [url=http://www.discogs.com/forums/topic?topic_id=75874&start=100#1213710]hmvh’ post[/url], African Pop might really be a bad term but i can’t think of any better

  • Mar 25,2006 at 19:37


    I’d say that if something is pop, it will have a lot of votes and praises eventually. Most the music here is under labels and therefore commercially available.

    So going by the definition you could just run a script to see what are the popular songs and so on. There is no need to add genre for such since “pop genre” doesn’t tell anything about the music itself. BoC and AFX are definetely pop.

  • Mar 19,2006 at 14:51

    i see Turbo Folk coming

  • Mar 18,2006 at 03:26

    But success is not POP !!!! very important.
    (Some styles mutate to Pop, because its in the Top10 !!)

  • Mar 17,2006 at 09:23

    lol @ Karaoke OMG!

  • Mar 9,2006 at 04:26

    Erhmmm… I don’t quite agree with “parody” being added as a style at all (unless it’s available under ALL genres) and would rather have it as a “modifier” – along the lines of “unofficial release”.

    Think: If we allow “parody”, then we ought to allow “christian” pop (or whatever) as well, and lyrics or sentiments do not necessarily define the kind of music.

    There’s a similar discussion going on in [url=http://help.discogs.com/ticket/1374]this[/url] ticket at the moment.


    Part 2: With Afro-Pop we ought to be careful whether we shouldn’t just wait until the World/Folk genre or request proper styles. Kwaito has just been made available, albeit under Hip-Hop (which it is more akin to). Kwela and mbaquanga anyone?

  • Mar 7,2006 at 12:42

    Thanks for the update, nik, and especially for adding Parody!
    *Rushes off to update Stutter Rap…*

  • nik
    Mar 7,2006 at 04:52

    Pop can be added without any additional style.

    RE: African Pop – the problem is, then we need French Pop, German Pop, Mexican Pop… does the style have a name, or is it just pop from Africa? Or is it Pop / folk music crossover?

    RE Folk/World – yes this will be added, but it will maybe be a month or two as we need some things in place programing wise.

    Parody added.

  • Mar 7,2006 at 03:53

    Which points to the question: any planned date for the release of the World genre? Has there been discussions already on the definition of the styles?

  • Mar 1,2006 at 15:06

    (N) Add Reaggae as style, there is one Reggae track on the 2xCD compilation

    pls tell the mods not to do this. esp not to vote

  • Feb 28,2006 at 15:49

    No problem to add Pop without a style, afaik.

  • Feb 28,2006 at 11:42

    Can “Pop” be added w/o needing a genre? As many have voiced, there are pop variants of a LOT of genres (if not all). I’m submitting something I would consider to have pop qualities, but it doesn’t fit into any category nicely. It’s a japanese singer ([a=Caroline (7)] Lufkin) who sings in English, and the over-all feel is not like J-pop really (some times it gets close, though). I’m having trouble articulating this more, sorry.

    As for running a script to add all Pop Rock (and there should be Pop Punk, if there already isn’t), the same should be done for Pop Rap. Synth-pop should not, though, as I’m sure most would agree.

  • Feb 23,2006 at 13:44

    Kind of brought this up way back when in the Electronic Moderator forum, referecning ‘pop artists,’ whose music went with the then current trends.


  • Feb 21,2006 at 18:10

    @[u=vargrind] So you finally got the Olsen twins in? Onya..

  • Feb 21,2006 at 17:25

    [i]Parody = Novelty[/i]

    I see what you mean, [u=nik], but I still think Parody should be included as a separate Style for the Pop genre, since some Parody is not necessarily Novelty (as in “different” or “unusual”) but just plain piss-take of established artists. i.e. Parody can be and often is very mainstream; not “Novelty”.

    Coincidentally, I’ve noticed some users getting creative with the genres and using “Novelty” from the Rock genre, and then unticking the Rock genre to leave Genre-Pop, Style-Novelty. Surely it would be easier to include Novelty as a style in Pop aswell? (similarly to how Disco is in both Soul/Funk & Electronic and Gogo is in both HipHop & Soul/Funk…)

    Parody (but not always “novelty”:
    – The Baron Knights
    – Morris Minor & The Majors
    – “Weird Al” Yankovic
    – Spitting Image

  • Feb 21,2006 at 12:17

    I was just wondering, if jazz is allowed “contemporary” as a style, why can’t we have that style for pop?

  • Feb 21,2006 at 12:17

    there has already been a lot of discussion about whether children’s music will have its own genre or if it will be included under other genres. nothing has been decided yet. you can always just submit it now and see what happens. I mean [a=Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen] are in already.

  • Feb 21,2006 at 12:01

    Now, I have a question that may sound kinda funny:
    where should we add releases that are ment for KIDS (yes, children!:) to listen to!?
    Should we add special style to POP genre, for releases like that, something like “KIDS POP”, or whatever?
    I know that music for kids is variable in genres and styles, but it tends to be pop, sometimes softer rock…

    I already have some of this kind of releases to submit to Discogs…

    What do YOU think!?

  • Feb 20,2006 at 06:38

    That was a joke nik. I was referencing the candy. ;)

  • nik
    Feb 20,2006 at 04:06

    Karaoke is used for any pop release that is designed to be sung over by members of the public.

    Pop Rock – Mix and match the genres! Genres – Pop, Rock

    Parody = Novelty?

  • Feb 18,2006 at 21:59

    What category do ‘Pop Rocks,’ fall under?

  • Feb 17,2006 at 20:25

    Can it be Europop even if not European?

  • Feb 17,2006 at 18:16

    avantgarde is not a style unto itself, it is an adjective applied to other styles.

  • Feb 17,2006 at 17:09

    @legumes – are you saying Kurt Weill wrote music that was supposed to be underground? Chansons was pop before pop was invented, designed to appeal to a broad mainstream audience. That’s not a put-down in any way, Jacques Brel was one of the greatest song-writers of the last century, but it’s still pop as in music designed to be popular.

  • Feb 17,2006 at 11:56

    queue? :)

  • Feb 17,2006 at 11:54

    [b]Parody[/b] isn’t in as a style yet, but I think it deserves it’s own style. Two artists that immediately spring to mind:
    The Baron Knights
    Morris Minor & The Majors

  • Feb 17,2006 at 11:22

    ‘Novelty: Weird Al? Hot Butter? Roger Miller? ‘

    Weird Al can go under ‘Parody’ most definately, thats what he’s based his whole career on.

    ‘I bought it on eeeee-bay!’ :P

  • Feb 17,2006 at 11:03

    Well done!

    But, please update the [b]Discogs Style Guide[/b], not only for Pop but for all new genres added recently, ie. Non-Music, Blues, etc. It’s important!


  • Feb 17,2006 at 10:48

    ^^I guess Europop should cover that and also the likes of Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, and any other supercommercial act.

  • Feb 17,2006 at 10:47

    maybe a “commercial” style under electronic?

  • md
    Feb 17,2006 at 10:43

    btw where does stuff like VengaBoys and shit go? Still in electronic? Can’t we just have a “Pop Dance” style under Pop?

  • Feb 17,2006 at 10:42

    crooners, while including standards and the like also dealt with a bit of jazz influence so there’s possibility of a grey area here. possibly not a big deal in the big picture, though. to be sure, the existence of celine dion is derivative of the crooner movement in the earlier part of the 20th century. as you note, the focus on the singer as a lower-volume focus of the music was only possible through the introduction of the microphone. vocal pop also possibly includes accapella and related artists like the nylons and bobby mcferrin and such. there’s also the 30s-50s phenomenon of the sisters groups (andrews, mcguire, etc.). i also have a joni james album here which i guess would be a female crooner thing.

    i’d say crooner should be added, but keep vocal in there for unexpected usage that we can’t predict. i still think the style fields should be free-form tag fields with genre remaining a higher-level selector, but that’s just me. :)

  • md
    Feb 17,2006 at 10:41

    Cool. Glad to say I have nothing whatsoever to submit in this genre!

  • nik
    Feb 17,2006 at 10:32

    Jayfive – yeh, maybe we can get Teo to run a script at some point to add all the pop rock into pop as well as rock? Its a bit redundant now, as simply selecting pop and also rock as a genre will describe this style.

    Also, good point about the ‘Vocal’ style Manys – maybe we should have Crooner in as another style, as I don;t think Celine is a crooner :-)

  • nik
    Feb 17,2006 at 10:29

    Yeh, ‘straight pop’ won’t need a style (unless someone knows one we can use?).

    Music Hall – Music Hall is a form of British theatrical entertainment which reached its peak of popularity between 1850 and 1960

    Vocal – meant to be for ‘crooner’ type singers “A crooner is a singer (usually male) of a certain kind of popular music, often called “standards” or “American standards”. The style, which is characterized by a relaxed and intimate posture by the performer, became possible with the invention of electric amplification in the early 20th century.”

    Novelty – Birdie song? Mr blobby? Don’t make me think of more please :-)

    J-pop – Japanese pop music

    Enka – melodramatic Japanese popular song, which has been likened to American country music in terms of themes and audience.

    Usually Wikipedia will give you a good lowdown on the styles you are unfamiliar with. Has just left me wondering if we should use crooner instead of vocal for that style… I always thought that crooner was a slightly derogatory term, but there it is in Wikipedia with the full description… I am also keen to add something like vocal group for things like boy / girl bands.

  • Feb 17,2006 at 10:24

    We’ve already got ‘pop-rock’, it’s in the Rock styles :D

  • Feb 17,2006 at 10:23

    [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_hall]Music Hall[/url]
    Vocal: Celine Dion, Pat Boone, Scott Walker(?)…there is a vocal pop grammy whose history could be consulted here
    Novelty: Weird Al? Hot Butter? Roger Miller?
    J-pop: Japanese Pop. A huge style.

  • Feb 17,2006 at 10:15

    so just to be clear, if something should be straight “pop rock” (gene pitney, billy joel, etc.) then it won’t have any styles underneath the two genres?

  • Feb 17,2006 at 10:15

    coooooooool nice we finally have poooooop, a short description of some styles would be nice though:

    Music Hall


  • nik
    Feb 17,2006 at 10:11

    Ssssshh! ;-)

  • Feb 17,2006 at 10:10

    Well… the first POP release was in years ago ;-) He was just using the correct genre/style :-D

  • nik
    Feb 17,2006 at 10:07

    Yup :-)

    Nice to see Edith in at last!

  • Feb 17,2006 at 10:02

    looks like Tracerfire had the honor of the first accepted pop release

  • Feb 17,2006 at 09:54

    drop it like it’s pop.

    ..sorry, couldn’t resist.

  • Feb 17,2006 at 09:52

    Hopefully this will cause an influx of pretty young ladies into these forums!

  • nik
    Feb 17,2006 at 09:51

    In fact, there is a shedload of exsisting mods on the list for this genre (45 to be exact), was quite well subscribed to, but we are always on the lookout for new bloooood!

  • Feb 17,2006 at 09:48

    Damn! Not that my collection within this genre is anything but pathetic but it’s still very nice to see it as an available genre to use.

    I guess we’ll se a shitload of updates now but I’m very happy that this genre is fanally available now! Good work!

    Yuuuup!!! We need more moderators. Sign in for POP duty NOW!!! ;-)

  • Feb 17,2006 at 09:35

    Okay, pop pickers!

  • Feb 17,2006 at 09:34

    Whack Whack OOOOPPPPPPssssss

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