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Postal Status

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a daily impact on postal services across the world. This means that everyone is experiencing shipping delays and longer-than-usual delivery times. Since shipping is integral to one of the best parts of Discogs — for Sellers, keeping your business running smoothly, and for Buyers, getting that new record to your turntable — we’ve compiled tips for both Buyers and Sellers to help you navigate the delivery situation.

For up-to-date information on the postal status in your area or the region that you are buying and selling from, we suggest going directly to the source: the country’s postal service. Below, we also have a list of resources for the biggest countries in the Discogs Marketplace. The Royal Mail international incident bulletin is also particularly informative, with postal and delivery service status frequently updated for many countries.

Last updated April 2021.

Tips for Buyers

Be patient. Unfortunately, it’s not very helpful and it may seem obvious, but it’s the best advice we can give. Once the Seller ships your order, it’s literally out of their hands. These delivery delays are worldwide, whether you are ordering through Discogs or another site. Be patient and be prepared to wait.

Ask for tracking. Discogs offers direct communication between each Buyer and Seller. If you want to know exactly where your order is, ask the Seller if they will add tracking to your shipment.

Check the postal status. Below, we have a list of resources so you can check the general postal status in your region and the Seller’s region. This may give you a better idea of whether you will have a longer delivery window.

Shop local. Although it’s not guaranteed, you’re likely to see speedier delivery times if you shop within your own country. You can filter results in the Marketplace by clicking “Ships From” under the “More Filters” section.

Know your payment terms. Familiarize yourself with the time frame in which you can file a dispute with your payment provider to get your money back, just in case the delay is longer than you can deal with.

Tips for Sellers

Be patient. Again, it’s not very helpful and it may sound condescending, but it’s the best advice. As a Seller processing multiple orders, you are probably very aware of the ongoing shipping delays. However, your Buyer may not be.

Respond quickly. Close communication is key to avoiding conflicts over delayed and undelivered shipments. You can prepare a templatized statement to copy and paste into your discussion with a Buyer if they have questions about long delivery. You can also notify them if there’s a huge delay in the Buyer’s country before processing the order.

Offer tracking. This option ensures that orders can be tracked by both you and the Buyer, and it should hopefully keep Buyers from asking you for updates. It is also beneficial in the case of disputes.

Update your Seller Terms. If your country is experiencing delays, you can add the current Add current postal situation in your Seller Terms for Buyers to see. You can also simply add a link to recent updates from your regional post office.

Update your Shipping Policies. If some regions are unavailable or you have had issues with shipping to these areas, you can remove those countries from your Shipping Policies.

Wait before you refund. Sometimes, an order can get lost in transit. Before you prematurely refund the purchase, work with the Buyer and their local postal carrier to try and locate a parcel. Once a refund is sent to the Buyer, the refund is final, even in cases when the order eventually shows up.

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