Profile of a Contributor: Diognes_The_Fox

Tell us about yourself:
I signed up Jan 09, 2005 as Diognes_The_Fox. I am a fulltime record collector, digger, DJ, sample-based/experimental music maker and overall dork. :D

How did you first discover Discogs?
I actually started using the site for I believe possibly a year before I actually joined. I was using it to help fill out ID3 tags for mp3s which lasted until I accidentally formatted that hard drive during an upgrade and lost a good 200 gigs of well sorted mp3s, shifting my focus primarily to records.

What is your main use for the site, and how much time each day, on average, do you spend on Discogs?
I started out using it to categorize my own collection and to make bulk 45/LP listings easier to type up by having the a-side/b-side and date all typed out and easily accessable, but as ebay slowly but surely gets more and more oppressive, I’ve just been focusing on filling up the DB for the general good of the public more than anything. Depending on what I have on hand and what other real life obligations I have, I spend between one and twelve hours a day plowing the database. Though the longer shifts I try not to do that often nowadays. ;)

How many releases have you contributed to the database, and what tips would you offer for users new to adding releases?
At this moment, I’ve added 15,615 releases to the database. The best advice I can give to new users is to take scans of the labels. This makes it so much easier for other people to moderate and give advice or make corrections. And worst comes to worst, ask for help.

How has the site influenced certain aspects of your life?
I type so much faster now. I have a huge google search block here that all points to my user page and thusly to my music/etc. My understanding of music has gotten absolutely absurd. If only record stores still existed, I might be able to even get a job! ;)

What do you see as the most successful feature/aspect of the site?
Cross referenced credits, youtube integration, private notes for individual releases all are on the top of my head at the moment

Where do you see the greatest potential in Discogs? This can be for yourself or in general.
Discogs, right now, has the potential to completely sweep the used vinyl record market completely out from under ebay’s feet. Things like bulk lots would really allow me to move the remaining 60% of my business here. Froogle integration would help loads too.

Do you think that the Discogs Marketplace has influenced the modern record store and/or record collector? If so, how?
That’s a pretty good question. As a record collector, I’d definitely say yes. The volume of information and independent research that can be done is absolutely vast. I’ve discovered more records that I want through researching producers, composers, remixers, etc as well as being able to be exposed to different pressings from nationalities or re-issues and whatnot. As far as record stores go, I’m guessing it gives them the same ability to price records based on the market du-jour rather than oft hilariously inconsistent price guides (Which is also a goal of mine; to never have to buy another one of those phonebook things again! ;) )

What are you listening to right now?
I got these about an hour ago!

There are more, they’re just not in the DB yet.

What record or track can you not live without?
Hard question! Probably off the top of my head DJ Shadow – Stem stands out.

What is the most embarrassing item in your collection? / What, if any, records do you consider to be guilty pleasures?
Harder question! Xian Kids Records, polka, country. I got a lot of 90’s trance and other stuff that I make sure nobody’s around before dropping. ;)

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