Purveyors Of Premium Laid Back Beats, Chillhop Music

“The home of music to chill you out” Whilst forging its own genre since 2012, Chillhop Music’s listenership has continued to snowball. Having drawn influence from mid naughty-esque instrumental hip-hop, the label has forged its own signature & atmospheric sound for emerging and pro producers alike to shine in.

Alongside the legions of students & workers using Chillhop’s endless playlists to help focus, it’s listenership is snowballing with an added emphasis on physical presence, record pressing central and exciting plans on the horizon. Ben, Bas & the team took time out earlier this month to chat us through the Chillhop Music 101…

Can you give us a brief introduction into Chill Hop and how things kicked off?

Originally started as a blog in 2013 in Bas’s spare time, the prime motive of Chillhop being to share underground music he loved and felt wasn’t getting the exposure it deserved.

Which sounds influenced and shaped Chillhop’s foundation?

In the beginning, it was very focused around the likes of Nujabes, J Dilla and the lesser-known artists inspired by them, like SoulChef and Emancipator. The natural progression of the label has been to branch out, essentially combining these vibes with a more ambient, instrument-based music such as Explosions In The Sky.

What platforms do you typically use to host & release music and how has this evolved?

Transitioning from the blog to other digital platforms was a natural progression. Switching from a promotional blog format to YouTube began a significant amount of growth and allowed more room for creativity and the ability to give artists more visibility, which then prompted the use of Spotify and other digital streaming providers. We’re branching out in 2020, utilizing region based services in Asia, Russia and further afield, we like to try to be innovative and keep things fresh!


You’ve noticed a shift in digital to physical demand in recent years, what’s shifted and how do you balance releases to cater for it?

Vinyl has always been at the foundation of the music we love, undoubtedly there is something special about being able to physically own something instead of storing digital files in an invisible cloud. Releasing Vinyl allows us to showcase both the music and artwork in a different way.

We’ve noticed your physical production is environmentally conscious, chat us through this process…

A few members of our team are avid collectors and know the joy that comes from digging, but also the potential impact it has on the world around us. Coming from the Dutch countryside, our founder has always wanted to continue to ground the labels roots in nature whilst providing relaxing vibes to escape from city life. We work closely together with a factory at the forefront of sustainability, our records are now made from recycled granulate significantly reducing our carbon footprint whilst maintaining the quality you would expect, enabling us to implement our vision into records themselves.

What do you have in store for Chillhop in 2020 & beyond…

We will be continuing to work towards expanding our brand both in physical and digital form the digital into the physical realm, both with events and apparel. We recently acquired a location in Rotterdam which will help us take the next step in developing a real-life environment for our online community. Aside from this, moving forward with the same motive as our founder started, bringing the music we love to the community we have been blessed with!

Big shouts to the team for taking the time out and talking us through everything Chillhop Music and you can get to grips with all their releases here!

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