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Your Questions Answered – Part 4

Part 4 in our series of blog posts in which we aim to answer the questions we get asked most. Last week we hosted an Ask Me Anything on reddit, so some of the questions were asked by users there. Let us know in the comments if there is anything else you’d like to know!

1. Will there be photo recognition in the app?
We’re definitely looking into it! Check out a full read from one of our lead devs over on our forums. In the meantime, there’s the barcode scanner that will work for most of the releases that came out after the 80s.

2. Does Discogs ever hire remote workers? 
Absolutely! We have folks that are working remotely from California, Massachusetts, and even Scotland to name a few. To stay up to date on the postings, check out the jobs page

3. Will there ever be an iPad Discogs app? 
The Discogs App is compatible with certain iPads. We hope to increase compatibility over time.

4. Will the VinylHub integration that is a feature on the Android App become available on iOS as well? 
Yes, we hope to add a Vinyl Hub integration to iOS as well, and possibly build an API for record shops!

5. Will you be attending any events in Europe? Yes! We’re hosting our first Crate Diggers event in Europe this year: Crate Diggers Berlin will take place in Germany on the 24th of September. We’ll also be attending Barcelona International Record Fair on September 30th, October 1st and 2nd, and the Mega Record & CD Fair in Utrecht, The Netherlands on November 12th & 13th.

6. Why does the release I added not show up on the Master release page?
When you add your release to the Discogs database, the last step is to add it to the Master Release. Check out this step by step explanation on how to do that.

7. Is there a way to take my inventory offline temporarily while I am away on holiday?
Yes there is, you can find more information in our Help docs here, and in the video below. Enjoy your holiday!

8. Do you know what track is used in this commercial/mix/movie/ad?
Ehm… usually these requests are pretty specific and although we know a lot about music and it’s fun to try to find it, we don’t know everything. Luckily there is a Discogs Group dedicated to identifying music, so we’d recommend asking in there. Be sure to check out the Track ID Group guidelines before posting your questions though!

9. I need a license to use a song for a video. Can you help me?
We do not own any copyrights to the music listed on Discogs, so we can not help you with that. We recommend contacting the record label that released the music for further information.

10. What were the 10 most interesting sales on Discogs, price-rarity-age?
We’re all looking forward to our “Top 30 most expensive items sold” lists each month, because they’re usually chock full of rare, old, expensive releases. We’ve been publishing them since 2012 and you can find them all on our blog.

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  • Jul 26,2016 at 1:13 pm

    About the tenth question, I do not think that interesting = expensive.
    Well some expensive sales are interesting, but we regularly see the same items being sold.
    I am sure you have some folks in your team that could write some very interesting stories about inexpensive records/sales.

    • Jul 27,2016 at 1:00 pm

      @xavhan You’re definitely right: not all expensive records are interesting, and luckily not all interesting ones are expensive. Check out the blog posts by diognes_the_fox for some of the more obscure releases and dollar bin finds

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