Recent site slowdowns, downtime

As you probably have seen Discogs has been very slow and unavailable a few times during the past two days. Our database server has been suffering from increased use and I’ve been franticly working on optimizations.

I’ve just completed some major improvements in the database speed so you should notice the site a bit faster. There are a few more improvements I would like to make so you may see the site go into read-only mode for a few minutes in the next few days. If I plan on making it unavailable for longer then I’ll post here in advance.

Sorry about the inconvenience but please bear with us! It’s going to get better.

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  • Apr 25,2006 at 03:03

    OK, just saw this [url=]announcement[/url] from teo.
    Thanks for the update, teo.

  • Apr 20,2006 at 22:05

    recently (within one week or so) I’ve had similar problems as Jooles described above. it just makes modding tricky. that’s all.

  • Apr 20,2006 at 15:35

    I’m still experiencing slow response time intermittently. Clicking on the [u]Only show topics I’ve posted in[/u] link takes particularly long to load. The submission form gives the occasional “empty page” after clicking on an add track button, or Save Draft button, like we used to get a while back. There’s another [url=]thread been posted about it too[/url].

    The whole site just “feels” slow and unstable. Any news, teo? nik?

  • Mar 22,2006 at 07:29


  • teo
    Mar 22,2006 at 07:23

    Sorry, it was a separate hardware problem. It’s fixed now and I’m making sure it doesn’t happen again.

  • Mar 17,2006 at 09:37

    w00t. Site improvements are a good thing. For all the bitching we do about Discogs, we get even [i]more[/i] bitchy when it’s not here. :D

  • Mar 17,2006 at 09:21

    seems ok now:)
    …and fast

  • Mar 17,2006 at 05:52

    If the site is slow we can’t do our MOD job Vargind . . .

  • Mar 17,2006 at 01:28


    The size of the queue has no affect whatsoever on how quick it is to browse the site.

  • Mar 17,2006 at 00:15

    what does it matter anyway? with the queues like two months long, who cares if the site’s down? it’s not gonna make it any slower…

  • Mar 16,2006 at 22:19

    hehe ;)

  • Mar 16,2006 at 22:02

    i wasn’t worried, i guesses something good is happening :)

  • Mar 16,2006 at 20:45

    it’s worth it if it produces this kind of performance increase.
    even factoring in the Germans not being here, I can tell that
    everything is alot faster ;)

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