Recommendations now online

We’ve just turned on a recommendation system which will suggest other releases while viewing a release page. These recommendations are based on user collection data. So you can interpret it as “users who have this release in their collection also have … in their collections”. And we plan to improve this over time by adding more elements to the recommendation algorithm (like ratings).

The recommendations are also customized to your account, so it won’t suggest something that is already in your collection. But you can click the “more” link to toggle between including/excluding items in your collection.

We’re also showing recommendations on some marketplace pages, which works the same way but is restricted to a specific seller’s inventory.

Please post if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement! thanks

[b]UPDATE:[/b] – There is now an option in your preferences to disable the recommendations on release pages.
– Thanks for the feedback on the accuracy. We’ll be working on some improvements for the future.

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