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The Discogs Guide To Amsterdam Record Shops

With a Discogs office based in Amsterdam, how could we not have a Discogs Guide to Amsterdam Record Shops? Whether you’re into Techno, World Music, Funk, Soul, Rock, Classical Music or Dutch ‘Smartlappen’, and whether you like your record shops spacious and stylish, more cosy or rough around the edges: with around 30 record shops scattered around the city centre, the Dutch capital has something to offer for everyone.

It took me quite a few days of walking and cycling to visit all record shops in Amsterdam, spread out over the first half of this year (hence the different weather in all the photos, nothing like Dutch winter/spring/summer). So if you only have a day or two to spare, and want to spend some time browsing, I’d recommend making a selection. This Discogs Guide to Amsterdam Record Shops is here to help!

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Amstel Antiques

Amstel Antiques Amstel 110, 1017 AD Amsterdam

Amstel Antiques started out as an antique shop with a few boxes of records. Those few boxes became more and more, at one point taking up half the space. Three years ago, the decision was made to fully focus on music. The antiques moved out, but the name remains. You won’t only find bin after bin filled with records in all genres (don’t forget the bins under the tables!) but there is also a wall full of CDs. Amstel Antiques record shop doesn’t sell online.

Back Beat Records 

Back Beat Records Egelantierstraat 19, 1015 PV Amsterdam

It must have been such an exciting day 30 years ago, when Sweet Soul Music singer Arthur Conley was in De Jordaan to officially open Back Beat Records! The cosy shop has been specialising in Soul, Funk, Jazz, Blues and World Music from the start. The split-level spaces have been dedicated to these sections while you can also find a small selection of Pop/Rock. The ratio of CD to vinyl records seems to be around 50/50 so it’s also a great place to dig if you’re into CDs.

Black Gold

Black Gold Korte Koningsstraat 13-hs, 1011 EX Amsterdam

A 10-minute walk from Amsterdam’s Central Station, Black Gold is a record store combined with a specialty coffee and tea shop. It is a good place to start a day of digging: While most of Amsterdam’s record shops open around 11AM, noon or even later, Black Gold opens its doors early in the morning, at 9AM on most weekdays. Enjoy a coffee while listening to some chilled out music and after that check out their selection of new and second-hand Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz and Dance records (LPs, 12″s and a few 7″s). While Black Gold does sell on Discogs, they want to offer an incentive to customers who visit their shop, so some of their best finds are available in their shop only.

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Bordello A Parigi

Bordello A Parigi

Bordello A Parigi Oudezijds Kolk 71, 1012 AL Amsterdam

While looking for a bigger space for their label, online shop and distribution, Bordello A Parigi decided to open a physical record shop in Amsterdam last year. At the Oudezijds Kolk, a side street off the Zeedijk, which is only a few minutes from Central Station, they found the perfect spot. Dig through new and used Disco, House, Wave, Minimal, Italo music and more, and pick up some releases from their own label.

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Charles Muziek

Charles Muziek Weteringschans 193, 1017 XE Amsterdam

Charles Muziek has been around since 1954 and is the last shop in Amsterdam that is completely specialised in Classical music. Besides Classical music ranging from the Middle Ages to contemporary, their selection also includes Ethnic music. Most music is on CD, there are DVDs, a small section with cassettes and a few vinyl records. The lady who runs the shop has an fantastic knowledge about composers and if you let her know what you’re looking for, she can recommend music you might like as well, based on that.

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City Records

City Records

City Records Geldersekade 100A, 1012 BM Amsterdam

Close to the Nieuwmarkt with its cafés and bars, is the Geldersekade, where you will find record shops on both sides of the canal. The first one is City Records, a spaciously laid out record store where you’ll find mostly Soul, Funk, Latin, Dance, World and Classical music, Pop and Rock. And Jazz of course. The extensive Jazz section, owner Jasper’s favorite genre, is given a prominent spot in this spacious shop. City Records sells second-hand releases only, mostly LPs, but there is a section with 7″s too. City Records is planning to start selling on Discogs in the near future.


Concerto Utrechtsestraat 52-60, 1017 VP Amsterdam

Concerto has been in the same location in the Utrechtsestraat since it opened in 1955 and now takes up 5 storefronts in the street. All that space is used to store their massive collection of new and used vinyl records, CDs and DVDs in every genre you can think of. With dedicated sections (and staff) for example Pop, Soul & World, Jazz & Classical, books and a coffee shop, you can easily spend a few hours (or a full day!) here.

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Discostars Record Store 

Discostars Record Store Haarlemmerdijk 86, 1013 JG Amsterdam

Another shop with a long history: Discostars is related to the chain of Disco Star shops that could be found around Amsterdam in the 1960s and onwards. The shop on the Haarlemmerstraat is the one that has stuck around. Although they have moved locations a few times, they have been in their current spot for 17 years now. The large space is home to thousands of CDs, DVDs, quite a few LPs, and cassettes, new and used. There are many racks and stacks with CDs and a separate storage on a different location. The staff knows exactly what they have and where to find it, so don’t hesitate to ask them.

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Distortion Records

Distortion Records Westerstraat 244, 1015 MT Amsterdam

From the outside, it might not look like there is a record shop situated on Westerstraat 244, but once inside it’s very clear that this is a one of a kind place. Distortion records sell a lot of records online, hence the stack of empty record mailers and storage boxes with records at the entrance of the shop. There is not a lot of room to manoeuvre in the narrow pathways between the record bins, but there is a lot to be found. Where to start browsing? Techno, Punk, Soul… just ask owner Amond, he knows exactly where to find what you’re looking for!

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Eardrum Buzz

Eardrum Buzz Haarlemmerplein 9, 1013 HP Amsterdam

A 10 to 15-minute walk from Central Station, Eardrum Buzz is located at the Haarlemmerplein. It was named after Wire’s single and started out 5 years ago. The shop shares its space with a hairdressing salon with the applicable name “Cut The Crap”. Pop, Soul, Disco, Rock, Punk, Wave: The selection in the shop depends on what they get in stock, but you can always count on finding Hip Hop and Reggae in their bins.

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Fame Oosterdokskade 67, 1011 DL Amsterdam

Fame has a long history in Amsterdam. The shop was first based in De Kalverstraat, where artists like Crowded House, Slipknot, Keith Caputo, Kiss and Epica came to do in stores and autograph their albums. A few years back it moved into Magna Plaza shopping centre, and more recently Fame moved to its most recent spot. The shop is now located in the spacious basement of MediaMarkt on Oosterdokskade, only a few minutes from Central Station. You can find a big selection of new vinyl records, CDs, boxsets, DVDs and games here.

Flesch Records

Flesch Records Noorderkerkstraat 16, 1015NB Amsterdam

Dutch documentary was made about this Amsterdam record shop, which doesn’t just sell records but is also the place where locals get their apples and pears. Flesch Records offers a selection of Classical music and Jazz as well as Pop and Rock from the 70s and 80s, World Music, singles, Film music and a lot more. Don’t be fooled by the size of the shop; they have a storage location outside the city center with 65,000 records. So if you can’t find what you’re looking for be sure to ask. About a third of the shop space is taken up by vintage audio gear that has been lovingly restored, and if you’re lucky enough to own one of those beauties, you can take it here if it needs repairs.

Game Over?

Game Over?

Right across from Central Station, the biggest part of Game Over? is filled with (retro) games and consoles. One wall of the small shop, however, is dedicated to music. The owner spends a lot of time in Japan which has resulted in an extensive selection of J-Pop, K-Pop, J-Rock and K-Rock on CD, and there is also a good selection of Pop, Rock, Soul and Funk on vinyl. Game Over? doesn’t have an online shop, so you’ll need to do some real life digging!

Homesick Records

Homesick Records Tweede Rozendwarsstraat 24, 1016PE Amsterdam

On a side street of De Rozengracht, Bas Kleijn runs his Homesick Records shop. He started out a few years ago when he got his hands on a collection so big he just had to open a shop. It is THE place to go for Bob Dylan fans: Bas has dedicated the upstairs section of his shop only to Bob Dylan related records, CDs, books and magazines. The ground level part of the shop has a nicely organised selection of Pop, Rock, Soul and Jazz. You can expect to find some of the lesser known recordings by well-known names here.

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InDeep’n’Dance Records

Indeep’n’Dance Records Rozengracht 60, 1016ND Amsterdam

Just around the corner, on De Rozengracht, two more Amsterdam record shops can be found. The first one is InDeep’n’Dance Records, as the name implies specialised in House and Techno. Indeep’n’Dance is also a record label, and owner DJ Dexon and his partner organise the free event ‘Techno Tuesday’ in De Melkweg in Amsterdam every week. DJ Mag NL recommend the shop as one of the best places to dig for Electronic music, and you can also find a selection of clothing and DJ gear here.

KillaCutz Records 

KillaCutz Records Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 21-hs, 1012 NG Amsterdam

KillaCutz Records can be found close to the Dam square in Amsterdam. There is a section with Funk, Soul, Hip Hop and Pop music, but they specialise in Electronic music. Apart from a few new releases, most of the records are second hand. You can expect to find Techno, Progressive, Minimal, Trance, Garage, Drum & Bass and more. And a bin with Guilty Pleasures to dig through!

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Mary Go Wild

Mary Go Wild Zeedijk 44, 1012 BA Amsterdam

After the book, Mary Go Wild (about the history of dance music in the Netherlands) was released in 2013, a dedicated shop opened on the Zeedijk in 2014. It has become the place to go for dance-related books, gifts, clothing and vinyl records. Many new, some released on their own label, and some second hand. They organise in-store events regularly and the shop is also affiliated with Amsterdam Dance Event. Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations for a good night out!

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Platypus Records

Platypus Records, Zeedijk 45, 1012 AR Amsterdam

Named after the animal known for its digging skills, Platypus Records is the newest addition to this list. The shop was opened only two weeks ago by three friends who have spent years collecting and travelling all over the word searching for records. It’s situated on the Zeedijk, a few doors across from Mary Go Wild, and with Bordello A Parigi around the corner. From Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock and World music to Dutch artists and aerobics records: If it has an interesting sound there is a place for it at Platypus.

Recordfriend Elpees

Recordfriend Elpees

Recordfriend Elpees Sint Antoniesbreestraat 64, 1011 HB Amsterdam

The Sint Antoniesbreestraat, once home to Rembrandt van Rijn, now houses a wonderful selection of cafés and specialty shops. RecordFriend is one of them, located just below street level, accessible by a few steps. At the entrance, you find yourself in a room full of bins with records priced at 5 Euro each, categorised by genre. Walking through to the next room, there is a small section with new releases, but most of the large space is occupied by second-hand records in just about every genre you can think of.

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Record Mania

Record Mania Ferdinand Bolstraat 30, 1072 LK Amsterdam

The beautiful stained glass window in the back of the shop is an eye catcher, but it doesn’t detract from the hundreds of records that are on display at Record Mania. The shop has been around since 1994 and has a broad selection ranging from Rock & Soul to Dutch music, Comedy recordings and World music. There is also a large section with (Soul) singles, 14,000 CDs and a bargain basement. Check out this video and you’ll know why Theo Parrish likes to dig here.

Record Palace 

Record Palace Amsterdam

Record Palace Weteringschans 33A, 1017 RV Amsterdam

Just like Back Beat Records, Record Palace opened its doors 30 years ago, in 1988. The shop’s location, opposite the famous Paradiso concert venue, means that they regularly get visits from artists who are performing across the road. It couldn’t be more fitting that Record Palace celebrates its 30th anniversary at Paradiso, in September. When you’re browsing, you’ll notice many regular customers popping in, too. No CDs here, it’s all vinyl. There is an extensive selection of Jazz music downstairs and Rock, Pop, Soul, Reggae and more on the ground floor.

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Records & Books

Records And Books

Records & Books Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 371, 1012RM Amsterdam

A five-minute walk from Dam Square, Records & Books is conveniently located near Spui Square and the tram line from Central Station. This is a collective, the shop space is shared between a record seller (In De Marge) and Exalto bookshop. In De Marge has been buying and selling Jazz and Pop music for over 20 years. Let them know what you’re looking for and they can help you find it!

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Red Light Records

Red Light Records Amsterdam

Red Light Records Oudezijds Achterburgwal 133 1012GZ, Amsterdam.

In the middle of the Red Light District, Red Light Records has found its home in a former prostitution window. They have managed to fit a well curated selection into the relatively small space, and although it can be busy it doesn’t feel cramped. It’s in a courtyard, so you’ll need to get in via the gate next to Red Light Radio (ring the bell to open the door).

Rush Hour Records

Rush Hour Records Spuistraat 116 1012 VA, Amsterdam

Rush Hour started out in 1997 and runs a record shop, mail order, label, distribution and events. With their label, they want to provide a platform for new talent and to unearth forgotten classics. The Rush Hour Store on the Spuistraat is light and spacious, with a feature wall full of records. Geared to the dance scene they stock mostly House, Techno, World Music, Funk, Soul and Jazz. New and used vinyl records and singles in abundance!

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Seawolf Records 

Seawolf Records, Club Atelier, Anthony Fokkerweg 3, 1059 CM Amsterdam

After years of selling records online and from their infamous garage, DJ Senc and Andy Perfetti have decided to open a real record shop in Amsterdam, completely focused on underground dance music. Seawolf Records is located inside Club Atelier, one of the newest Creative hubs in Amsterdam, and it’s vibrant with thousands of second hand vinyls. Definitely a place to check for DJ’s and electronic music lovers and collectors. Specialised in : Classic House / Deep House / Chicago House / Detroit / Techno / Minimal / Progressive House / Trance but you can also find a good selection of Hip Hop and Disco.

Second Life Music

Second Life Music Prinsengracht 366, 1016 JA Amsterdam

On the Prinsengracht you can find Second Life Music, and as the name of the shop suggests, they only sell second-hand items here: LPs, 12″s and singles in all genres, as well as CDs, record players and accessories. Second Life Music doesn’t sell online so head to the shop to find out what they have in stock. With two floors full of records you’re sure to find something!

Velvet Music Amsterdam

Velvet Music Amsterdam Rozengracht 40, 1016 NC Amsterdam

A few doors down from InDeep’n’Dance Records, the Amsterdam branch of the Velvet Music chain has found its home. Velvet Music started out in Leiden in 1990 and now has 14 record shops throughout The Netherlands, each with its own character. The Amsterdam record shop has a large selection of new and second-hand vinyl, new and second-hand CDs, and DVDs. It’s spacious and the table in the centre of the shop (where at the time of my visit a Beatles puzzle was being put together by people visiting the shop) is a nice space to hang out with fellow collectors.

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Waxwell Records

Waxwell Records

Waxwell Records Gasthuismolensteeg 8, 1016 AN Amsterdam

If you’re looking for Soul or Jazz, don’t miss out on Waxwell. And look up from the bins every now and then, because that holy grail item you’re looking for is probably looking right back at you from their wall display. Based in the picturesque 9 Streets shopping district, only a short distance from Dam square, the shop has been around since 2005. Waxwell also has a large selection of Rock, Hip-Hop, Reggae, World Music, Blues, Disco and Pop.

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Zap Records

Zap Records

Zap Records Paleisstraat 137, 1012 ZL Amsterdam

Zap Records opened its doors in November 2016 at a central location near Dam Square. This used to be a didgeridoo shop, and while those instruments are still available and displayed in the basement, the biggest part of the shop is now dedicated to vinyl records. The golden sparkly walls lined with colourful record sleeves are a feast for the eye. The shop has a large selection of Hip Hop in stock, and you can find most other genres here as well.

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Zwart Goud

Zwart Goud Geldersekade 89 s, 1011 EL Amsterdam

Zwart Goud is situated in a space just below street level, next to a bike rental shop. The shop opened in 2015, and since the owners of Zwart Goud started off as event organisers and regularly DJ themselves, it’s no surprise that the shop doubles as an event space and art gallery. Expect a selection of new and second hand Techno, House, Wave, Ambient, Synth, Disco Edits, Balearic and Turkish Psychedelic music here, as well as DJ gear and merchandise. By keeping their inventory at around 2,000 records, the owners make sure they have something new to offer all the time.

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And if that isn’t enough, from Monday to Saturday you can also find some stalls selling records at the famous market at Waterlooplein!

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  • Nov 8,2019 at 18:21

    I went to a number of these stores on a recent trip. I was quite surprised by the lack of organization and cleanliness in one store that I’d be concerned about ordering from them. Boxes stacked everywhere, even in aisles, which made it difficult to get around. I could even feel the dust on my hands and in the air from digging in some lower bins. There were countless records stacked horizontally as well. The owner seemed like a nice guy so I won’t mention it by name but you can pretty much tell from the photos. It doesn’t leave a good impression when you walk in.

  • Jun 11,2019 at 07:41

    Lots of interesting shops.
    Which ones would I go to to find Metal?
    Black, Death, Doom, Thrash?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Oct 1,2018 at 12:02

    The Gramophonehouse has left Recordsandbooks at the Nieuwezijdsvoorburgwal 371 for 6 months ago and has placed the 15000 records on Discogs.

  • Sep 19,2018 at 13:36

    Really good overview! However when I wanted to visit Goldmund Records at the beginning of this month (September 2018), the shop was no longer there.

    • Sep 25,2018 at 17:09

      Thanks for pointing that out markusarnold! We double checked with the owner and unfortunately the shop is no longer there so we have removed it from this blog post. Hopefully you were more lucky at the other shops on the list!

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