Record Shopping In Barcelona

Record Shops In Barcelona – Vinil Vintage & 10000 Records

This week in our Barcelona record store blog post, we have decided to bring you two stores – because they are related, literally related by blood… Two brothers, two stores in Barcelona: Vinil Vintage & 10000 Records.

Vinil Vintage BarcelonaRecord Shopping In Barcelona10000 Records Barcelona

10000 Records was opened in 2010 in the neighbourhood of Sant Antoni by Rubén Franch and 3 years later, in the neighbourhood of Gracia, his brother Dani Franch opened Vinil Vintage. Both stores have a good selection of second hand records, with a range of Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical and even some local Spanish music. Although the hi-fi range is a little bigger at 10000 Records (due to a larger store space), both stores stock second hand hi-fi equipment including amplifiers, turntables and speakers. You can even get your current hi-fi equipment repaired at both of the stores!

It’s clear that these brothers grew up with music in their home. Dani explains that their father had a fantastic record collection and inspired them both to open their stores dedicated to vinyl and music.

I would definitely recommend the 40 minute stroll through the streets of Barcelona to visit both stores. I guarantee you will find some second hand vinyl at one store, that you won’t find at the other!

Vinil Vintage Barcelona

Vinil Vintage: VinylHub / Discogs / Facebook / Instagram
Address: Ramon Y Cajal 45, 08012 Barcelona Spain
Phone: 34 (0)931 92 39 99

Name & role:
Dani: Owner and shop assistant
Alba: Graphic Designer, Marketing and shop assistant.

How long have you had the store?
October 2013.

What is the store’s specialty?
Second hand vinyl. 

How did you get into selling records?
My father (Dani) had a great record collection and because of this, growing up, my brother and I really got into music. My brother Rubén actually has a record store in Barcelona as well – 10000Records.

What is your favourite record in this store right now and why?
Pink Floyd – “A Saucerful Of Secrets”, their psychedelic style was revolutionary. 

Do you have a story about collecting?
We started selling vinyl in fairs and second hand markets and then decided to open the store in 2013.

Anything else that you would like us to know??
Besides selling records, we also sell amplifiers, turntables, speakers and spare parts and we have a repair service for our customers.

10000 Records Barcelona

10000Records: VinylHub / Discogs / Website
Address: Floridablanca 70-72, 08015 Barcelona Spain
Phone: 34 (0)93 292 77 76
Email: /

Name & role:
Rubén Franch , Manager & Owner.

How long have you had the store?
6.5 years!

What is the store’s specialty?
Vinyl and CDs – Pop & Rock, Jazz, Heavy, Classic and others 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and Hi-fi products.

How did you get into selling records?
I am DJ as a hobby and always liked vinyl. I decided to create my shop when I finished my last job 7 years ago.

What is your favourite record in this store right now and why?
Some rare releases by Dire Straits and Miles DavisBitches Brew Spanish edition (difficult to find it).

Do you have a story about collecting?
I have a collection of Techno, Hard Trance and Makina on vinyl, actually more than 1500 records in these styles.

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